Sunday, October 23, 2011

School Starts Tomorrow!

Ah, the weekend is almost over! Boo.

Tomorrow the alarm will beep in it's demonic little voice, bright and evil at 0500. It's going to be a busy week, fosho.

Fall term starts tomorrow! 
That means a little less this:

And a little more this:

I'm taking condensed 8-week courses rather than the traditional 16-week term length; hence the reason my term starts a little later. If you're wondering, I'm still unsure of my major (like everyone else and their mom). I am considering Physical Therapy, any kind of Exercise Science or Kinesiology, as well as Psychology. I imagine myself as a Physical Therapist or a School Counselor. I just know, at the end of the day, I want to help people. I really like the idea of having summers off ... so I'm leaning towards School Counselor. 

It's also an incredible challenge; attempting to per sue an education while being an Army wife. 

Four months ago, my husband was on orders to attend an Army school in South Carolina, and upon graduation, we were going to be stationed at a location unknown. So, even though I just graduated with an Associate of Science and was planning to transfer to Texas A&M - when I found out we'd be moving (to who the heck knows where), it kind of foiled my plans. Thank goodness for online classes. I've scheduled my entire fall term online, so just in case the Army puts us on order and we are forced to move, I can take my classes with me! But, irksomely, I'm still attending our local community college, in the meantime ... 

I'm also studying at the National Academy of Sports Medicine for two different certifications. One in Personal Training and the other in Corrective Exercise. (I know sometimes I act like a silly nilly that doesn't know her right hand from her left, but I love learning about the human body, human movement, functional fitness, optimum nutrition for performance, and how to help others lead stronger, happier, healthier lives.) I love what I am learning thus far! It's a self-paced course and I have just a few more months until I take my final exam for certification, and studying everyday with my regular college classes ON TOP OF IT, is going to keep things busy, busy, fosho.

So, along with NASM, I'm taking Technical/Business Writing and Healthy Psychology. I'm excited for both of them. I'm excited that both of my professors have office hours, so even though most of the work is done online, I can head on campus and get a little face time with them, if needed. :)

My last term before Graduation, I took Small Business Management as an Elective. I thought it would go hand in hand with my Personal Training certifications. :)

My workout schedule for the week is as follows:

6 Mile Run + 60 Min Spin

AM: Crossfit + 4 mile run
PM: Track Workout with Running Group

Crossfit + 60 Min Spin class

Rest day, maybe an evening workout or Yoga depending on how I'm feeling.

Crossfit + 60 min Spin class

Rest day

10+ Miles with running group

Since we aren't going to be moving in January like I thought we were; I'm thinking about signing up for my first Marathon. I have a friend who is running the Austin Marathon. Any readers running it? 

What are everyone's plans for Halloween? 


  1. You should study what you are passionate about, and it sounds like that's What you're doing! I think to be a school counselor, you have to teach for a few years first. That could just be a Texas thing, but it's something to keep in mind.*

  2. You are inspiring for sure! Thats alot on your plate and your going to conquer it all! GO for the marathon! You could do it for sure!

  3. Ohhh, I totally know where you're coming from with school and orders! I graduated pre-med but with my hub's orders to Mississippi and then Philadelphia, life got too hectic and complicated for med school. I admire the sacrifices you make for The Army; you are an amazing support to your husband!

    So, how is the PT cert with NASM? Kinesiology sounds cool! I feel like we're living parallel lives! I recently got my CSCS cert with NSCA and I'm tossing around the idea of teaching. I think teaching coaching a girls strength and conditioning (or physical education) to middle or high school girls would be cool. So, it'll be cool to read about this development if you decide to pursue school counseling.

    Anyway, COOL blog. I'll be following along. Best of luck in your studies. Keep up the great training!

  4. Amy - thanks for filling me in about teaching prior to counseling - I'll have to look into it! Hopefully, we won't be in Texas forever! So if it's a Texas only thing, maybe I can avoid it. Though, I wouldn't mind teaching a bit either!

    Candice -- thanks for the encouragement!

    Jessica - Love your blog! NASM is pretty sweet. Not as hardcore as NSCA, but good stuff. It's good to meet a fellow Crossfitting Mil Spouse!