Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running Shoe FAIL

Oh, running shoes. What a pain in the arse you can be.  Finding a good pair of running shoes is like  spotting a real pair of tits in Hollywood, almost impossible. The mountain of barely worn running shoes in my closet is proof of this.

The first pair of running shoes I ever bought were Mizuno Wave Rider 13's. I bought them almost 3 years ago. And I still wear them. I don't know how many thousands of miles I have on them. I even ran 12 miles in them yesterday. And my legs are paying for it dearly. 

Ancient shoes = tired and sore legs = haggard runner.

I've been foam rolling my calves all morning, they're moaning like baby cows! I am not sure if it's my newly adapted mid-foot strike or the fact that these shoes are just old as dirt, that is causing the super tight calf muscles. Either way, I threw in the towel, emptied my piggy bank, and went shopping for yet another pair of running shoes.

I figured a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 14's would be a good bet. I mean, I loved, love, love my Wave Rider 13's, but they don't make them anymore. :( 

Enter: Fancy Schmancy New Model of Wave Riders

My old pair of 13's in the front, and the new 14's in the back.

Some definite changes have been made. I remember putting my original Wave Rider's on for the first time. The memory is etched in my mind, because they fit like a glove. I think my feet even let out a sigh of relief when I put them on and danced around my apartment for the first time. 

These Wave Rider 14's were not so magical. They were actually ridiculously uncomfortable. My foot was the square peg trying to fit into a round hole. They felt stupidly cushioned. I was afraid I was going to lose my balance they were so fluffy and marshmallow-esque. They were also really high up on my ankle bone, and had a much narrower/stiffer toe box than the previous model. 

The right shoe also felt improperly made; with every step, it felt like there was a rock warped into the heel. I could not wait to take these off. Such a different story than my original pair of Wave Rider's! Ugh, serious bummer! Not like it needs to be said, but they're fuggin' ugly anyways. 

I will take them back. I am off to try on some more shoes. This time I think I will try the new New Balance 890's. They have some good reviews, like they're great for the mid-foot strikers with high arches, like myself. Cross my fingers. They're also not quite so grandma-ish in design. Hey, I love grandma's, just not their style in footwear.

I did buy my first legitimate pair of running socks, and they are pretty rad! They are snug and lightweight, with a cushioned sole and forefoot. They're like ballerina shoes. I would try to run in just these if I could.

I'm also experimenting with some new fuels. I always stick with GU's, but have heard good things about Sport Beans. These might be fun to chew while on the bike.

I'm off to make some epic protein pumpkin waffles! What are your plans this Sunday? Do you have a big breakfast on the weekends? Prepare something a little more special than you do on the weekdays?

To your health,


  1. Ok serious! Have your legs always been tiny and toned? Any suggestions on how to get there? Is there any exercises you swear by? Your legs are ridic!

  2. I swear by Plyometrics! Everyone needs more jump training in their life! :)

  3. So box jumps & jumping squats? Any other suggestions?

  4. Leapfrog squats, jumping lunges, tuck jumps, jumping rope, double-unders (with the jump rope), long jumps, high knees, butt kicks, and if you can hold 10 lb dumb bells in each hand while doing this, you'll really tear it up. ;)

  5. Your awesome!