Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Morning Fartlek

Today's workout: 6 mile run in 49:50 + Crossfit WOD

What's up bloggies! I made some BOMB Strawberry Banana bread today, and as soon as my Macbook stops acting like such an Airhead (get it, because it's a Macbook Air?), I'll upload the photos and recipe.

Our 4 day weekend commences tonight! That's right! While the Army life isn't always the most glamorous, my husband is blessed with a lot of time off and a pretty cush work schedule. I didn't know that his command had also given him tomorrow off though, but I'll take it! A 4-day weekend is a nice surprise!

This means I get to sleep in tomorrow! YES. No 5am alarm! That crap seriously kills me. 9PM bedtimes? I'm way too young for that. Might as well start wearing dentures and a pink fluffy bathrobe covered in mothballs and cat hair. (In my case, Ellie hair.)

Why oh why do I wake up at 5AM? Here's a sneak peek into my morning routine Monday-Friday, and yeah, I'm going to get all military time on you.

0500: Husband's alarm goes off and I throw it against the wall and watch it shatter into a million pieces, I act deaf, I pretend I have the flu, and he does his business in the bathroom and starts the hot water in the kettle for coffee. I sleep blissfully for another 15 minutes.

0515: I stumble, mumble, bump and moan my way into the bathroom, try to get my PJ's down before peeing in them, remember to put the seat down so I don't fall in the toilet, etc. I make coffee in the french press.

0520: The alarm is going off for the coffee. In a half-dressed daze I bump into the wall that I think is the fridge. I add Almond Breeze and 2 Stevia packets to my coffee. I try to inhale it and pray its rejuvenating powers act quickly.

0530: I am lookin' fly dressed. I hope that my socks match and that I I remembered to put underwear on. I grab my gym bag, full of chalk, tape, jump rope, Vibrams, water bottle, watch, HR monitor (that I wear every time I run), iPhone arm band (for RunKeeper), and a notecard that I've written the daily WOD down on, and whatever other kinds of crap I might need.

0535: I try to do my morning business. So that in the middle of my run I don't have to go behind a bush, ya know?

0545: We're on the road, headed towards post, hoping there isn't an LA-like traffic sitch happenin'. We are MAYBE 7 miles from post, yet it can take us 45 minutes to get on and off sometimes. This is one of the largest military installations in the country, and well-guarded gates that everyone has to stop and show ID to get in.

0615: We arrive at DH's unit. He kisses me goodbye and head's to Unit PT, and I get my RunKeeper set, my Pandora radio boomin' and I'm off running!

I run 3 miles to the Functional Fitness Center, a gym on post fully equipped with an outdoor-track, rock climbing wall, massage therapy studio, yoga studio, Crossfit equipment, standard weight lifting equipment, and standard cardio equipment.

Then I WOD. (In Crossfit, the WOD stands for Workout of the Day).

Then I run back to my husband's company. Depending on my schedule, I sometimes take a longer route, a shorter route, or just my standard 3 miles to make it a solid 6 mile run. Depending on the WOD, sometimes the run back is so brutal. I remember when I did 400m of walking weighted lunges (25 lb plate overhead) for time, along with kettle bell swings and box jumps, and then had to run back, holy hell, that was the hardest 3 mile run of my life. I like to change it up to, it's a great chance to work on speed, I incorprate fartleks most of the time.

At least twice a week, I just do a solid run with no gym pit stops, of course to work on my endurance and my running efficiency. But, Crossfit workouts and running in this out-and-back fashion, has kept me in really great running shape. And changing it up so often really keeps the boredom at bay and my body from over-use injuries. 

My friends think I am loony to wake up so early, but I have to get my sweat session in first thing, or I risk not getting it done at all. Plus, I feel so lazy laying in bed, dreaming sweet dreams, when I know my husband is out there flipping tires, carrying logs, and doing whatever other madness they do every morning for PT.

1. What is your morning routine? 
2. Do you workout in the morning or the evening? 

Guess who has two thumbs and can't wait wait for Friiiiiiday?!

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  1. You are hardcore and all kinds of awesome with those workouts and making it happen so early. I don't do early morning wakeup calls where I have to get active. And yea - I bet that one run was a challenge. I can't imagine running after all that!