Saturday, October 8, 2011

I've Got My New Shoes On

After a sweet little 5 mile tempo on the treadmill yesterday, the hubs and I got dolled up and went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I was craving some of those naughty, naughty rolls.

But speaking of that 5-mile tempo ... 

I'm loving these New Balance 890's!

Are you guys totally diggin' the old man look or what? They're not the sexiest, but damn, they sure feel good!

We are ready for the Army 10 Miler tomorrow! It's a "shadow" run that we hold here at Fort Hood, while the rest of the runners are in DC. I didn't think I was ready for it last year, so I bailed out. We will be PCSing in a few months (the Army is moving us, orders unknown), so it's just that much more special that I run it while I can and while we're still here at the Hood.

I've got my sweet new shoes. 
I've got sweet new socks. 
I've got a sweet new shirt. 

Absolute all-time favorite wordage. Of course Nike would put it on a shirt.

The only thing I am unsure about is whether or not I want to run with my camera so I can take photos, and whether or not I want to put together a running playlist or just chance it with my favorite Pandora radio station. I hate downloading music, syncing my iPod, blah, blah, I'm so lazy, lalala. 

Ready for WalMart

I'm bummin' it hardcore with the hubs today, resting before the race. It's raining in Texas, and since this happens once every thousand years, its a great excuse to look supa fly sport the ratty old pair of sweats and watch old movies. (These are US Army sweats that my husband used to train in. We all know the older = the better. The more threadbare = the comfier. 

Pumpkin Custard Oats for breaky! Oddly, I topped it with kiwi and strawberries. Odd to the me.

You might have noticed some changes 'round hurr:
  • I've started using Daily Mile
  • I'm obsessed with Pinterest
  • I updated some photos in my About section.
  • I added my favorite blogs to my Blogroll
  • I updated my Races section with the rest of my recent races and finish times.
  • I've also kind of changed the overall blog design - do you guys dig it?

In the rest of the Blogworld, Shape Magazine is looking for YOU to go vote for the winner of the Best Blogger award. So, click the link and choose your Numero Uno out of the Top 20 Fitness Junkie bloggers. Some of the best are up for the award, like The Fitnessista, Chic Runner, and One Twenty Five.

Have a great Saturday! 

Clean that dirty mirror, Courtney.

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