Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone Photos

I am a terrible iPhone user. I bought it last year and haven't plugged it into my Macbook, once. Well, I finally did last night when I realized I had over 2,000 photos on it. I didn't want to risk losing my phone and losing all of those memories, so I finally, finally, backed them up. Well, at least half of them. Here's a stroll down memory lane, the last 4 months or so.

I was invited by my friend Ayana to the Crossfit Regionals in Tomball, TX this year. Talk about epic!

If you follow Crossfit at all, you know that the Regionals are the last step to qualify for the Games. These athletes are amazing, some of the fittest women and men I have ever seen.

Watching Carey Kepler in action was probably one of the most memorable moments of my life. She's amazing. After going to Regionals, I really stepped up my Crossfit game - and since then I've been able to swing the 1 pood kettlebell, cycle my kipping pullups, deadlift almost twice my bodyweight, and PR almost all of my race times. ;)

We've had some really terrible fires here in Texas, here's a shot of a local fire outside Fort Hood.

I learned how to tape my hands to prevent hand rips. I don't much tape my hands anymore, I've finally built up the callous base that I need. Gross or rad?

I bought my first bit of Crossfit apparel. SicFit is a big brand in the sport. 

Checked out a rad dive bar on 6th Street in Austin for my 24th birthday, surprisingly called The Jackalope. 

I finally got my hand-stand pushups. After many, many, many handstand holds and a shitty shoulder injury.

I ate many of these monster salads from Chipotle. :) 

Ran with some fellow Crossfit ladies and Army Wives, PR'ed another 5k. 

4th of July poolside.

I finally stopped running and working out with my iPhone. It is really annoying to have that brick of a thing stuck to your bicep when you're trying to do burpees and knees-to-elbows and thrusters. This little guy is my WOD saving grace.

I realized I have a really strong back. I mean, who ever really looks at their back? I finally did.

I bought a pair of Chuck Taylor's - best shoes ever to weight lift in. Red is like lipstick for the feet. 

My incredible husband after a long day at work. My lazy dog. :)

A pretty new dress in my favorite color. 

Crossfit to me is Purity Through Suffering. Running is also this to me.

I started taking fish oil. Like, legit fish oils. If you're looking for a great brand, Stronger Faster Healthier is where it's at. 

I also realized I have abs. Even though I haven't done crunches or a sit up in months.

After a hellacious event: Helen Meets Grace, a great crew.

Cruisin' on a friend's boat over the summer.

After a 5k and a 150 Burpee Challenge I finished in less than 9 minutes.

My birthday in Austin.

I took a running break over the summer to really focus on Crossfit. Here I am with the treadmill, excited after doing a workout that consisted of simply "Running for time" or "Running for distance."

I bought some sick new toys for the kitchen! A Kitchen Aid Industrial strength mixer, a juicer and a Crock Pot. Fancy, fancy! 

I've started dressing a little more like a lady. I was looking over last winters clothes and I really want to throw them all away and go shopping again.

The DH and I at the Zoo. ;)

Obsessed with oatmeal again after being "Paleo" for 3 months. I missed it so terribly.

Catching the last rays before the summer ended.

My new Kettlebell :) 35 pounds of Ugly Betty!

I ran 9.11 miles on 9/11 in remembrance. A group of us ran a 5k together beforehand.

Running the Army Shadow 10-Miler, the longest race I've run since the Chasing Lions Half Marathon in the Spring.

Yes, please!

Still obsessed with Sunbutter. :) Some things will never change. 


  1. love love love sunflower seed butter!! you look amazing! keep up the hard work!

  2. You have such awesome muscles! I want to try crossfit so badly but LOVE my current gym too much to go anywhere else. I've been doing the "Paleo" (as in mostly paleo) thing for a month now and recently included oatmeal again the other day!

  3. i also love my oatmeal in the morning as my carb juice. at the moment i have been adding pumpkin, cacao power and almond butter with some protein powder, its so creamy! i would like to tried crossfit one day also but don't know if someone offers or are doing that type of exercise in my area. well, you are too cute and enjoy your evening!

  4. Kari - If you are interested in finding a Crossfit affiliate in your area, go to Crossfit.com and on the side bar you'll see a Search feature, they're all listed by state and city! Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Courtney, thank you so much for the information. i will view the web site. i just want to tell you that you have such a beautiful physique and you are so pretty. good luck in school and have a good day tomorrow!

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