Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hansen, not Hanson. No Mmm Bop here!

I am feelin' it today!

My abs are screaming, it hurts to laugh.
My lats feel like they're trying to peel themselves from my body.
My low-back is making creaking noises. 
I thought it was our creaky ceiling fan, no, really, that's my back.

Yesterday's WOD was no joke.
Crossfit Hero WOD "Hansen" 

In memory of 
Marine Staff Sergeant Daniel Hansen
 who died February 14, 2009, in Farah Providence, Afghanistan, when an IED he was working on detonated. He is survived by his mother, Sheryll, and his father, Delbert, his younger sister, Katie, and his twin brother and fellow Marine, Matthew. 

The Crossfit Hero WOD's are some of the most intense workouts one could ever endure. They have been perceived and intended to be painful, difficult, and only performed and completed with immense effort. You don't think about yourself to get through it, you don't think about how long it will take, or how difficult it is going to be. Instead, you think about what you can do and think about the hero that has fallen for your freedom. 

Here's to you, Hansen.

Complete 5 rounds of:
30 kettlebell swings (1 pood)
30 burpees
30 GHD Situps

It took me 31 minutes and 56 seconds. 

Kettlebell Swings
GHD Sit-ups
(This is not the Rx'ed weight, I had to scale the kettlebell. 
Men's weight is 2 Pood, Women's is 1.5 pood.)

I thought about Hansen a lot during the workout. 
I thought about how lucky I was to be alive. 
I thought about how much physical pain I was in, 
but how much emotional pain his mother must have been in
when she heard the news. 
I imagined him working out beside me,
I imagined him watching me, 
and I wanted him to know I was giving it 100% effort. 
Every time I stopped to catch my breath, I thought of him. 
Every time I wanted to scream in defeat, I thought of him. 
Every drop of sweat that hit the floor, 
every time the kettlebell swung overhead, 
every time I pushed my way up from that burpee, 
I thought of him. 

Hero WOD's are great, incredibly humbling, WOD's. 
They also require a decent warm up. ;)

My warm-up consisted of:

1 mile run
3 x10 kipping pull ups
20 pass-throughs with the PVC pipe
15 OHS with the PVC pipe
10 push ups
30 second hand stand hold on the wall
15 back extensions

Afterwards, I cooled down and stretched, 
and headed to an hour of spin class with my favorite instructor 
and some amazing Army wives.
 Everyone was sporting their pink in honor of breast cancer awareness. :)

I'm second from the right, in the mint ice cream shoes.
Everyone says they want to eat them.
I tell them to get a whiff of them first.

I was incredibly flattered while at the gym.
A female soldier came up to me and asked if I was a trainer, 
because I was "so beautiful" and in "phenomenal shape" ...

I had chalk all over my hands, 
sweat dripping, 
mascara running faster than I ever could, 
and I'm sure my hair was lookin' a little Albert Einstein 
(GHD sit ups always do that). 

While I didn't feel comfortable training her, as I'm not certified, I was so flattered she asked. Talk about making someone's day.

She was recovering from a back surgery she'd had a few years back, and was tired of her physical therapists telling her to take it easy and just accept her lack of athletic ability as a permanent condition. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be! She is the kind of client I am going to school for. My specialities lie in Personal Training and Corrective Exercise (how to help clients with past injuries and special populations). 

I hope that she gets the help she wants. 

Have you ever suffered a serious injury? 
How did you rehabilitate? Did you get back to your pre-injury self? 

What's the hardest workout you've ever done? 
I think Hero WOD's and races, either short or long, tend to be pretty hard. 
I always push myself as hard as I can.

How do YOU deal with muscle soreness? 
Do you take a day off or do you work through it? Does it happen very often for you? 


  1. What a great meaning behind the workout. I have been meaning to try Crossfit--I need to! I am super sore today from a KB workout yesterday and I am dealing with it with lots of water! Love ya!

  2. I loved reading the thoughts you had during the workout. What a great perspective!*