Friday, October 14, 2011

The Best of the Bloggers

Happy Friday! 

As the work week draws to a close, I would like to shout out to some of the best.

 I know that sometimes, you may not feel like your blog makes a difference, but it does. You may not feel like you're reaching many readers, but you are. Your hundredth, thousandth photo of food, sweaty exercises and hellacious races matter. And this blog post is a shout out to you, my hellacious little foodie, exerciser, health blogger, fitness-freak, and fellow sweaty Betty. 

The Best Of The Blogs
[October 14]

{Best Vacation/Exotic Location Post}
This is a tie between Meals and Miles blogger Meghann, who went Cruisin' with Carnival and swam with stingrays, ate delicious, decadent food (and even hit up the treadmill a time or two!)

And Caitlin from The Healthy Tipping Point, who jet-set to Puerto Rico for a Destination Wedding. This place was BEEE-YOUUU-TEEE-FUUL.

She even cooked while she was on vacation. 

{The Most Insightful/Not the Eastiest to Write Post}

We appreciate these posts the most. They give us a real peak into the lives of the blog authors we love. This week, I'm shoutin' out to Janetha from Meals & Moves, who talks about her sensitive gut issues, painful distention, and interesting tales of poop (or lack thereof.) 

Poor girl just had to go through the horrors of a colonoscopy and then suffered a sudden trip to the ER. I'm here to support her 100%, because I suffer some incredibly similar issues. Shout to to honesty!

{The Best Clean Recipe of the Week}

Shout out to Naomi from One Fit Foodie. Check out this Turkey Meatloaf recipe! I give her an A+ for easy, healthy and delicious! 

{The Best Sweet Treat of the Week}

Pumpkin Brownie Chunk Ice Cream from Serious Eats. I don't need to say anything else, this photo speaks for itself. Please be a lady, and wipe the drool from your face.

{The Best Breakfast of the Week}

Thank you Jenna from Eat Live Run, for these Whole Grain Gingerbread Pancakes!

{The Best Blogger Giveaway of the Week}

Thank you, Redonkulous Runner. She is raffling away tons and tons of awesome stuff that runners will love. The best part is all of the proceeds benefit St. Jude. 

{The Best Most Bad Ass Runner of the Week} 

Who has run 19 Half Marathons?! That's right, Runner's Rambles has. (Making an appearance in pink, another one of my favorites: Chic Runner)

{The Best Blogger Tip of the Week}

Fit Foodie blogged about counting calories and using My Fitness Pal. Since this post, I have started using the super-duper amazing calorie counting tool and workout log, and I'm already down 2 pounds. Love this little site! 

{The Best Blogger Pet of the Week}

Itty Bits of Balance's little dog is too adorable for words. 

{The Best and most honest Race Review}

Thank you to the illustrious Skinny Runner for a review of the Maui Marathon.

She breaks it down, from the Expo, to the course, to the kind of support, and of course, the views! She's short, concise, and to the point, and always, hilarious. :)

{The Best Late Night Blogger of the Week}

Yes, this is a recipe for Peanut Butter in the Middle Chocolate Cookies. 


Wish me luck tomorrow. 
It looks like the sun will be shining this time around, 
so the Army 10-Miler is on! 


  1. Have a great race!*

  2. Found your blog and have enjoyed reading about you! Good luck with your race tomorrow!

  3. awww thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway. :)

  4. hey courtney, like your blog and you are too cute! best of luck tomorrow and you great legs!

  5. i meant to say " you have great legs"

  6. thanks for the holler! you're a doll. so glad you are blogging again. and did you leave me a comment referencing your HUSBAND? when did you get married? congrats!