Monday, October 31, 2011

14 Thrillmill Miles

Yesterday's workout: 14 miler in 2:14
Today's workout: 60 min strength circuit + 60 min spin class

Happy Halloweenie!

We did a little pumpkin carving yesterday. :)

Elliot thinks stray pumpkin bits are treats. 
He tries to bury them for later in his bed. Nice.

My husband's Chicharito #14 Red Devil is so sweet! 
Glory Glory Man United!
I want to give a big thank you! to everyone who checked out Running Ricig's Bake Sale and bid on my peanut butter banana stuffed peanut butter cookies! They were the highest bid item, bringing in a whopping $75 dolla. Holla! 

She raised over $1,100 for Kisses from Katie!

After being a lazy couch potato all day Saturday, 
I got my big bum up and hit the treadmill for a run. 
Of epic proportions! 14 miles, bay-bay! 
My longest run to date. :)

This is where the magic happened. 
Don't come a'knockin' when the treadmill's a rockin.
I had the thrillmill set to an incline of 1, and I played with the speed throughout the run.
I started at about 6.0 and worked my way up to 6.8 mph. 
I took a few breaks at about mile 5, mile 10 and mile 13. 
I ate my Clif Shot Gu at about mile 6 (a little early). 
All in all, took me 2 hours and 14 minutes. 

Best. Flavor. Eva.

I ran sans music and just watched TV. 
Million Matchmaker, anyone? Totally trashy, totally great for a run.

I was one sweaty betty afterwards.

I treated myself to Apple Cider Pancakes topped in SunButter. 

And a freaking ginormous peach.

After a shower I settled in and watched some more of this while reading my text book.

I created a Heavenly batch of zucchini carrot chocolate chip oat cookies!
Perfect post-workout treat after my weights circuit and spin class. They're BOMB! 
40 cals a pop, high in fiber, protein and pretty low in sugar.
More of that chewy goodness to come. 

In the meantime, I have some candy to eat. We've had TWO trick or treaters tonight. Two!
Epic fail. 


  1. the cookies looks so yummy and i bet they would taste great with carob chips.

  2. Yes, I have some cocoa nibs that I think I'll try with them next time to even lessen the sugar. :)

  3. yum! Those cookies look so good! Way to go on the treadmill! Thats a good run!! Your amazing!

  4. Nice 14 mile run! Especially done on the treadmill, major props to you.

    Your oat cookies look delish!

  5. I salute you! 14 miles on the treadmill is no joke! I'm crossing my fingers that the weather stays nice here for a long, long time. I hate running on the treadmill!*

  6. love your pumpkins!! 7 is my limit on the treadmill. guess i better get over that since i just signed up for a january 29th marathon.

  7. Hey Courtney, you can also use apple butter instead of sugar and of course the cacao nibs for some extra antioxidants.

  8. That's awesome 14 miles on the treadmill. I get so bored, I think the most I've made it on there is 9.

  9. Just saw that you followed me on twitter, so I thought I better check out your blog and I love it so far! I am starting an intro to crossfit class this Saturday, so I might just be emailing you with questions! :)

  10. Let me know how you like Crossfit! Everyone needs more functional fitness in their life!

  11. I'm your newest follower! I am loving your blog..I used to live in Austin/Cedar Park area but just recently moved to Jacksonville FL. I used to be a military wife too and it is a super rewarding and at times challenging job!! The longest I ever ran on a treadmill was 8 miles so you rock for making 14!! Oh, and I am obsessed with your legs (is that creepy?)! You look great.. Legs are my favorite to work so that's what I always notice first on other people!!