Saturday, October 1, 2011

12 Miles of Poo

Before I get into it, you have to check out this epic giveaway at The Gourmet Runner!

Ok, back to moi.

I ran 12 miles this morning! The longest distance I have run since the Chasing Lions half marathon many, many moons ago! It was a great run, beautiful scenery, cool weather, and a great group of local runners. The plan was an easy 9 minute mile pace, with a tempo the last 3-4 miles of 8:30-7 minute miles. (I stuck with the 9 min average the whole time, and let those crazy awesome runners sprint ahead.)

Here's a play-by-play of my thoughts per mile:

Mile 1: Wow! I love breaking into the first mile! Running is so great!
Mile 2: Psh, I don't even need my music, just chatting with everyone the whole way will be so nice!
Mile 3: Lalalala, I could run all day! 
Mile 4: Oh, what is this, I have to pee! Oh, no, I think I have to poo.
Mile 5: What if I made this a 10 mile run and turned around now? Will anyone notice if I duck behind that bush? 
Mile 6: We're turning around! I'm just 6 miles away from a toilet. Just. six. more. miles. 
Mile 7: Um, don't worry if I stop talking folks, I have to concentrate on not pooping my runderwear. 
Mile 8: Music ON. Try not to bounce so much with every step, ouch!
Mile 9: YAY, running! YAY, just 3 more miles ... 
Mile 10: I need new running shoes, my feet hurt so bad. Squeeze your tush!
Mile 11: I wonder if I sprint it to the finish now, how many people I might beat to the restroom?
Mile 12: Done! OMG! Where is the bathroom?!

And of course, as soon as I walk into the gas station lobby, I don't have to go anymore. OF COURSE.  Lesson learned, I should have woken up earlier and given myself that precious time to allow all my bodily functions to really, um, wake up. And I think I should always carry TP with me. Just in case I have to dive behind a bush.

I am so excited to have found this group of runners. They are seriously so awesome. A lot of seasoned runners who have qualified for Boston, one just ran a full Ironman last weekend, and another handful are getting ready to run one of the hilliest half-marathons in Texas next weekend. I can't wait to keep running with such a phenomenal group. :) Asta, treadmill!

I wasn't hungry on my way home, surprisingly. I forced myself to eat the rest of the banana I'd started before the run. After showering and cleaning up, I did sit down to eat this plate of nom noms:

It's happy to see ya!

I mixed 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 cup egg whites and 1/3 cup Fage Greek yogurt, added a dash of cinnamon, Stevia, and vanilla extract, whirred it all together in the blender, and poured it into a hot waffle iron. I sliced up a whopper of a grapefruit and sugared it with Stevia. 

Talk about a protein-packed waffle! Which of course is never complete without sugar-free syrup and peanut butter. Duh. This was Elliot before he smelled the peanut butter and came snooping ... 

We went and saw Dream House after shopping around Dick's Sporting Goods for a new pair of running shoes (I had a $10 off coupon, holla). But, both the movie AND the shoe shopping were epic fails. 

Thank goodness Cheddar's afterwards is always an epic WIN! I love this restaurant. I am old school and always order the same thing:
  1. Edamame appetizer to share with the hubs
  2. Grilled chicken skewers appetizer to share with the hubs
  3. Main course: Kids menu 1/4 lb burger with no bun, no cheese and a side of steamed broccoli 
And, you know me, I always order a drank. If you ever wanna buy me a drank, I take either rum or whiskey with a splash of diet coke (About 65 cals, or 130 for a double.) Today I was feeling wild and ordered a gin and tonic (just 175 cals). 

Still pretty pumped about maintaining 9 minute miles through the 12 mile run today!

1. What was your long run distance this weekend? 
2. When do you usually do your long runs?

To your health,

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  1. That waffle recipe To.Die.For. I made them as pancakes as I have no waffle maker. I have been searching for a recipe for years that was as good as this.

    AH-MAZ-ING!! :)