Monday, June 13, 2011

Goodbye, Jenn

Today's workout:
800m run
100 burpee box jumps 20"
800m run
Time: 18:05

After the WOD:
1000 m row, damper at 10
75 box jumps 24"
15 20# wall balls
15 back extensions
5 x 3 dead hang pull ups

Today's workout was in honor of Jenn, today was her last day teaching. I'm pretty sad. I've idolized this badass woman from afar ever since we came to Fort Hood. I think the first time I saw her she was killing tire flips and GHD sit-ups, and I was pretty much in jaw-dropping awe. This is before I knew anything about Crossfit. I am pretty sure I just saw her as Xena: Warrior Princess. The untouchable badass. Yet, it was less than a month ago that I finally had the nerve to attend her class. And man, I WAS MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH. That's what happens when you're little chicken shoot. Lessons learned. I hurt to know that I spent so much time WODing it out alone, confused, lost, and in serious need of direction.

From day one: she smiled and cheered me on and told me to "GET DEEPER INTO THAT SQUAT!" The amount of Crossfit knowledge I have gained from her in the last 3 weeks has been invaluable. I feel like I am a 10000x better athlete today than I was only a month ago. THAT'S why I love Crossfit. THAT'S why I will miss Jenn uber amounts. She's pretty much irreplaceable and will always have a special place in my heart as my first-ever CF trainer.

This Centurion will be missed!

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