Sunday, May 1, 2011

Your Soldier Needs You

Today's workout: 6.5 miles, 60 minutes

Slow and steady run this morning, while watching Army Wives on the treadmill via Netflix on my iPhone.

You have no idea how addicting this show is. TV craaaaack. 

I have access to all of the seasons, so I can watch them back to back to back. And I have been! I've never been one to watch shows while they're on TV. I just can't get into shows an hour at a time, I lose interest. I've already forgotten about it a week later, then it airs again. Having access to all of the seasons, whenever I want, keeps me hooked. I'm a junkie.

She is my favorite - so beautiful!
I am an Army wife, but I never thought I would watch this show because I have heard how cliche it is. But, aside from it's soapiness, there are a lot of positive messages that hit home, about family, Army values, deployments, learning to live on shitty pay, crappy on-post housing, the chaos that can be the military, etc. The wives are ridiculously beautiful and well-composed, and while I wish that aspect of the show were true, it is not. One of them doesn't have a GED, one left Harvard to become a wife - these are all true stories, of the sacrifices women make to marry the men they love. 

This couple reminds me the most of my husband and I. Roxy is hot-headed like I can be.
We married men in uniform, and when they receive orders, so do we. 

As silly as it sounds, I feel like I've gotten so involved with myself recently, that I've forgotten what it means to be a wife to a soldier in the military, and how much our soldiers need their wives. And how much my soldier needs me. They aren't working your every-day job. They're under constant stress, pressure, and they need to come home to happy, healthy, loving wives that support them no matter what, no matter the orders, no matter how crazy it can all be. It doesn't matter what the wife has dealt with that day, her husband has probably had to deal with 1000 times more pressure than she has. 

The Army life is a tough one, and we as wives have made the ultimate sacrifice, to honor our husbands and our country, we are putting ourselves second in so many situations. That takes immense strength, fortitude and love. LOVE.

Her character is so classy, if there is anyone I could be, it would be her.

I have taken Friday and Saturday off from working out, as I made myself totally sore the last day I was at the gym - it had just been so long since I'd done any Crossfit, I was overzealous, and totally kicked my own ass. I did a little Yoga yesterday to help recover.

I found a great DVD for athletes, On Demand, thanks Time Warner. 

Fage Greek Yogurt anyone with walnuts and SF syrup aaaand, Sun Butter. I've gone through a JAR of this in the last week. Yikes! SunButter peeps just need to send me some more, right? Yeah!

Breakfast was a delicious affair, over the Royal Wedding on Friday. How amazing was her dress?

Heaven in a jar.

And, heaven in ... a flaky crust ...

Yum, yum, yum.

I had the last one before my run this morning. I made a batch of 8 of them, and yes, my husband has eaten them all in the last day.

Guess who made these exquisite Apple Cherry Turnovers? 
Yeeep, this lady!


Off to make dinner and finish more homework. My last final this week before graduation! So excited for family flying into town and my husband also finish HIS finals. 


  1. Those turnovers look absolutely delicious!
    So glad I found your blog!

  2. Hello!
    Just came across your blog, and I love it! You are very inspiring, and I totally look up to you and your fitness accomplishments! I'm planning on doing a half this year, so I may just have to get some training tips from you! ;)

    Hope to see you post soon!

  3. Thanks so much for the advice! Love your blog and that turnover looks delicious!!