Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Worldess Wednesday

I know I said this would be wordless, but I wanted to let you all know it's raining CATS AND DOGS, and there are flash flood warnings in the Bell County area, so all of my local readers, please be careful!
Now, on to the wordlessness.

IMG 5737

Breakfast: egg whites + 1/2 avocado

IMG 5738

Almost looks as good as ice cream. *liiiiiick*

IMG 5739IMG 5741

The awesome new Nike Combact Pro gear my cousin gifted me for graduation.

IMG 5743

IMG 5747

IMG 5751

Yes, I would love to show off the space between my legs, because it took A LOT of work to get those few molecules of space.

IMG 5755

An incredible honeydew filled with my loves: Sunbutter + Almond Breeze + gluten free cereal

IMG 5757

IMG 5761

Before my run this morning ...

IMG 5762

Feeling saucy. I'm supposed to be showing off a "leg" instead, it looks like I'm taking a #2. Nice, Courtney.

IMG 5764

This was taken AFTER my run, notice the sweat. Heat is no joke here in Texas.

IMG 5765

Post run amazing eats.

IMG 5766

IMG 5768

I finally showered today ...

IMG 5778

Oh hey saucy pants.

IMG 5783 Tomorrow I pick up my bike. Saturday I run another 1/2 marathon. It's going to be a GREAT weekend! :) Wordless-ness enough, get off my sad ass case.


  1. avocado is my fave!! i have really been wanting to try out the combat line, looks like it would be really comfy for running to me. if i had a space between my legs i'd proudly show it off too haha.

  2. I love avocado! That looks amazingggg!!!
    You also have the nicest legs in all of creation I think. No homo :)

  3. I definitely thought was ice cream at first, lol.

    Also, do you have an email? I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your training if that's okay?

  4. Haha, nevermiiind. Found the BIG button right in front of my eyes that says "email." lol.

    Anyway, would it be all right if i did sent an email your way asking about your training and whatnot?