Friday, May 27, 2011

Strong = Sexy

Before this morning's workout, I fueled with walnuts, a chopped Braeburn apple and a dollop of Sunbutter with Almond Breeze.

The last week has been a blur of burpees, tire flips, pushups, situps, lunges, sprinting, tabata intervals, hang cleans, sumo dead-lift high pulls, as many rounds as possible, as hard as possible, as fast as possible. I've been working out with the women at Centurion Crossfit at Fort Hood, and it's been amazing!

Today, one of the instructors lead us through one of my favorite workouts yet: 10 tire flips (each with a jump through) + 5 burpees. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 15 minutes. I have always wanted to flip tires! I mean really girls, how badass is that?

Don't worry, there is a certain technique and the instructor was watching us like a hawk, quick to shout out, "Watch that lumbar curve!" and "proud chest, proud chest!" We were flipping a lot of rubber, and it's in those moments that I learn the vital importance of good form. 

I managed to crank out 8 rounds and a few tire flips before the 15 minutes was up. And damn, I was whipped! We are talking all out effort here. Whipped, whipped, whipped.

Yesterday's WOD was almost as magical. :) 

500m run
50 push-ups
500m run 
50 situps
500m run
50 squats
500m run 
50 back extensions

3 rounds for time. I finished in 20 min, phew! 

The best part though, has to be the camaraderie with the girls.  It's really awesome sweating and grunting side by side with other women, in the grass, getting dirty, under the sun, (no homo), kicking ass and giving it her best. I feel like in a world of photoshop and endless hours on elliptical machines while reading gossip magazines, women are spoon fed a bunch of fitness bologna, and they're all totally out of touch. 

My neighbor for example, stopped me the other day after taking out the trash and asked what I do when I workout. I never really know how to answer this question, because it's hard not to sound like a total asshat. I mumble something like "I run races, but I also love pushups, pullups, heavy weights, high intensity," or something totally non-encompassing like that ... And her response is, "Oh, hmm, yeah, well. I don't want to bulk up.

Let's just say, I don't really talk to my neighbor. She can have fun on her low-fat diet and walk her dog 3 laps around our apartment complex for her daily exercise.

Speaking of fat. Man, let's talk about my incredible breakfast post-WOD this morning. 

Egg fritatta, full of green beans, bacon, green bell peppers, and topped with a little green tabasco. The bread with orange marmalade was my husband's plate.

I'm happy to announce that for the last 5 days, I have been refined-carbohydrate free. Except for a sneak of ice cream and a few glasses of wine, I've been free of beans, rice, pasta, bread (white and wheat) and most sugars. I've even cut out coffee. Though, I'm thinking about bringing it back. :) I had some sweet potatoes in tonight's dinner in the form of fries, and that just about serves up my hankering for carbs. I'm still eating low-glycemic fruit. I'm just trying to listen to what my body needs. Perhaps taking a leaf from Mark's book. Just taking it one step at a time. Not low-carb, just less-carb at the moment.

Don't worry, over last weekend I was eating enough carbohydrates to last me through next month.

Alfredo pasta shells

Banana Applesauce Whole Wheat pancakes 

Oh! Those were the carby starchy delicious days! I'm not too worried, I can still make awesome pancakes using almond flour. :) And, I can't tell you how much better I've been feeling the last few days ... More on that in another post. 

This little lady blogger is off to sleep, finally. 5k at 7am in the morning. Here's to another PR and positive thinking! 

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