Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paleo Pizza

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday, where I share with you my culinary concoctions, some insanely delicious, some terrible, and the thought process behind why I eat what I eat. Because I promise, there is some cognitive processing happening up in hurr.

Pre-workout fuel: I enjoy fruit + nuts or nut butter + Almond Breeze

I used to be a huge oatmeal eater, granola, yogurt, cereal, etc. But, I am trying something new. Ground shattering, I know. I'm trying to cut back on the whole carbohydrate thing and cut out some unnecessary processed foods and sugars. Not for vanity reasons, really just for health issues. 

After an awesome workout, I of course, need more food! 

After seeing today's WOD, you'll understand.

50 pull-ups
10 burpees
40 pullups
20 burpees
30 pull ups
30 burpees 
20 pull ups
40 burpees
10 pull ups
50 burpees
for time.

My time: 35 minutes.

In case that wasn't enough, I finished it off with 300m of walking lunges. Ay, caliente. But like I was saying: eating. I had more fruit. Because this delicious nectarine was almost beyond ripe and delcious in yes, another bowl of Almond Breeze topped with a spoon of Sun Butter. Turkey bacon, runny egg and creamy avocado almost sent me over the edge.

Yeah, yolk = money.

I managed to drag myself into the shower, dress myself and head over to the pool to hang out with my favorite new Crossfit kitten, Alma. No pool photos. I need to keep this blog PG, kids.

I re-discovered my coffee grinder tonight when I ground almonds to make an amazing Paleo pizza.


Post-bake, ready for toppings and another round in the oven.

Toppings included: marinara + green bell pepper + onion + roasted chicken + sun dried toms + fresh spinach + feta cheese + baby tomatoes + green tabasco + 1/2 avocado 

A lot of almonds went into making the crust, but it was Paleo friendly and my stomach agrees with it 100%. :) I'm feeling so much better since cutting out a lot of refined, starchy carbs from my diet. I also feel I'm naturally eating a lot more vegetables. Win/win.

I'm so stinking tired, need sleep. My body hates me. Damn you, incredible WOD's, damn you.

Smooches til next time.


  1. I am giving this Paleo style of eating a try for the month of June. Any other insights about how you now that you have adapted this lifestyle? Thanks for being such a fit inspiration.

  2. This pizza looks amazing! Was ground almond the only "flour" you used---I'd love to recreate the crust!

  3. I have to tell you being an Army wife, personal trainer, crossfit lover, blogger myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff. Keep up the great work :)