Monday, May 16, 2011

My Running Style, yo.

A Running survey from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls. She's an Oregon runner blogger, whoo, represent!

* what is your favorite type of cross training? Crossfit and Spinning. I only run 2, maybe 3, days a week.

* what is your favorite song to run to? I really like DJ Tiesto or Ke$sha

* what brand of shoes do you wear? I love Mizuno's, I also just bought a pair of Nike Lunarlite +2's for shorter distances.

IMG 5815

* do you wear a hat when you run? It's always a good idea because I sweat like a wildabeast. (Do they sweat? They seem like they'd sweat a lot.)

* what temperature is your favorite for running? I like right around sunrise. In Texas, any time other than that is redrum.

* do you have any big races coming up? A 10k this weekend, my first Sprint Tri next month, the Army Shadow 10 miler in November, maybe a full marathon this winter, some little races (mainly 5k's) throughout the summer.

* what is your favorite distance? The Half Marathon. One mile, 13 times. The 10k is a perfect, fast, fun distance, too.

* are you a morning, noon or evening runner? MORNING. All workouts must happen in the morning, or they're just not happening. I'm a 5am riser. I like to sleep in a little on the weekends, but my workouts always happen after my cup of coffee but before breakfast.

* do you run solo or with a buddy? Solo.

* what's your favorite post run snack? Fage 0% Greek Yogurt topped with banana + SF maple syrup and maybe a side of egg whites. And I like a Green Monster sometimes. I love my Melon Bowls, too!

IMG 5829

IMG 5610

* what's your FAVORITE race? I really enjoyed the Chicken 10k here in Texas a few months ago. Great day, great crowd, I met a lot of fabulous women.

* do you wear a garmin? If not how do you track your runs? No, I track my heart-rate with my Polar F6. I use RunKeeper, i run with my iPhone in my armband. When that's too annoying, I just run it out on the treadmill.

* what is your least favorite race? The 5k. It's good speed training, but I always feel like I need another workout when I'm done.

* what race is your favorite medal from? My bottle opener from the 15k Shamrock Run on St. Patty's day in Portland. * who is your running idol? Lady Moore from

* how long have you been a runner? I'll say "officially" since my first 5k race, a little over 2 years ago.

* (ladies) do you run with your engagement/wedding ring on? Nope, don't like the feeling.

* what's your favorite workout? repeats? long runs? tempo? fartleks? Long, slow, runs. I do them rarely, like once in a blue moon when something has crawled up my ass and won't leave me alone. Or when I feel like eating a Pint of Ben & Jerry's, I tell myself "only after I run a double digit run." :)


  1. Fun post! I did the Shamrock 8k a few years ago, what a bunch of hills!

  2. Haha, isn't it gnarly!? I miss it :) All flat as a pancake down here in the South ...