Monday, May 9, 2011

I graduated!

I GRADUATED! On Friday. :) I don't have any photos of the commencement (my aunt took them, she'll send them soon) but it was awesome - I didn't trip and fall upon receiving my diploma, I didn't pee my pants, and I remembered to shake with the right hand. It was only televised on national TV, no worries. Let's do a little catch up via photo. (I haven't blogged in a century, with finals these last few weeks and family coming in to town.) Some random's on my card reader ... IMG 5600

No bake cookies!

IMG 5604

Nom, nom, nom.

IMG 5605

My absolute favorite new breakfast:

IMG 5606

Melon + granola + Almond Breeze.

IMG 5607

Scoop out the center and form a little bowl, then fill with all of your favorites. A dollop of Sun Butter on top? Something about the salty and sweet makes me SWOON.

IMG 5610

IMG 5613

I picked up ANOTHER water bottle. Just in case.

IMG 5614

This was for sale at Starbucks. I first noticed the beautiful color, and really couldn't say no after I spotted the button. It has a button you push to drink. No more spills! (I had an issue with never closing the lid tight enough on my Nalgene's.)

IMG 5630

Random photo of me after a Crossfit workout. Resting and showing off my Vibrams. :) Sweaty butt all over the counter. Let's hope I sanitized those before my aunt came into town ...

IMG 5625

My aunt arrived Thursday evening, and graduation was Friday morning. I scooped these beauties up at the PX with her after the commencement, I showed her around Fort Hood and we decided to do a little shopping.

IMG 5632

Oh Martha Stewart. I think time behind bars served her well, her line just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

IMG 5635

She brought some home-made gluten free cereal mix for me. So yummy! Millet is my new favorite thing, right there next to Sunbutter.

IMG 5640

Foam rolling after a 6 mile run on Saturday. I've been wearing my Vibrams a lot more, slowly breaking into them, but damn, they have been shredding my calves.

IMG 5641

Puppy company on the floor.

IMG 5647

This is some new Nike Combat gear my cousin gave me for graduation. I'm OBSESSED.

IMG 5657

The incredible views of Belton Lake from Dead Fish Grill. We took my lovely auntie here for Mother's Day.

It's this bad ass little low key restaurant right on the lake with great fishy kind of foods. IMG 5658

I creeped with the camera ...

We got her a few little gifts, including a gift certificate for Farmville, because yeeeeep, she's one of THOSE ladies ;) I made some artwork for her, too.

IMG 5620

IMG 5621 Last year I made a Crazy Goat drawing for her ... next year she'll probably get a chicken. :) IMG 5660

IMG 5661

IMG 5662

I had a naughty Arnold Palmer. Dang good. IMG 5663

Catfish tacos, Texas slaw, black beans, avocado sauce. IMG 5666

Jameson had a catfish poboy. IMG 5667 Yum, right?

IMG 5668

The lady of honor had an ahi sandwich. All of it was soooo good, and we will be back!

IMG 5659

It was such a nice relaxing weekend. My aunt flew home last night *sniff* and this morning, it was back to the gym. :) An awesome work out of lunges, squats, sprint intervals, pushups, kettle bell swings - a total body attack.

I hit up H-E-B on my way home for the deal of the century. Buy a bag of chicken breasts, and get Alfredo sauce, garlic bread, pasta and cheese for FREE. H-E-B has seriously kickass deals.

Including these house flops.

IMG 5670

I call them house flops, because I only wear them inside. We have hardwood floors, and a white dog that sheds like a maniac, and I HATE the sensation of anything on the bottom of my feet. I sweep everday and mop once a week, not at all OCD, bahaha. Instead of wandering the house on my tippy toes, I bought these. IMG 5672

I have only ever seen Okabashi at Whole Foods, I couldn't get over the fact H-E-B was selling them! They're made in the USA from recycled materials. They're also anti-microbial. You can wash them in the dishwasher. :) Uh, at least I do.

IMG 5677

Then, being the new college grad I am, I sat on my ass for the rest of the morning and painted my nails.

IMG 5681

I even had a stencil that came with the white, and traced a little flower on my thumb. I don't have annnyyyyy time to waste, at all!

IMG 5688

Elliot has been a busy boy.

IMG 5695

While my cheap manicure dried, I read an awesome article in Runner's World ... Check out this clip:

IMG 5696

That is why I run, in a nutshell. Fitness and running, the benefits for me are MENTAL. I'm still the size of a small cow, so we know it isn't the physical results. Could be that I eat like a blue whale ....

IMG 5698

I even got my Betty Crocker on and made cookies.

It's like a hundred degrees outside, and I'm making pumpkin cinnamon cranberry cookies. Not weird at all.

Martha Stewart is probably shaking her head at me.

IMG 5701

Guess what my hunny bunny gifted me for graduation? A subscription to these bites of genious! And some other goodies, that you'll soon see ...

IMG 5704

My goals for 2011 are to run a marathon and to do a tri. :) I just bought my bike.

IMG 5705

Awwww, that's a keepsake. Should put it away before I use it as a napkin, or toilet paper ...

IMG 5707

IMG 5709

The cookies are little pillows of pumpkin bliss!

Maybe I should share the recipe?

IMG 5718

I'm off to enjoy more free time! :)


  1. Sorry, I've got to comment here. I just got the same water bottle for Easter and I love it! I even blogged about it today - what a weird coincidence!

    P.s found your blog when I was trying to figure out how to tweet for HungryRunnerGirl's shoe giveaway! :)

  2. congrats on graduating! it's such a relief to be done, but then you still have that nagging feeling that you should be doing something for awhile! :)

  3. Graduation was great - and yes, I'm not sure what is next, but it's gonna be something good. ;)

  4. Congrats on graduating! What a wonderful feeling!!!

  5. perfectly shaped toes and beautiful skin!