Monday, May 23, 2011

Crossfit + Spinning

Today's workout: 50 minute spin class + Centurion CF Wod: 400m walking lunges & tabata sit-ups, ring dips, push-ups.

Yesterday, DH and I hit up Academy Sports. I found this awesome Wilson volleyball. (I used to play in Junior High and High School, it's my favorite.)

And husband found this sweet Agility Ladder. To increase his ... agility? I just asked him to please use it twice a week for the next month to justify the cost. I'll let you know how much dust it collects.

Right before check out, I spotted the SWEETEST Under Armour head band. It's made with a ton of fabric, and can be used as an almost full-head bandana, like above, or like a regular headband, below. 

I'm so done with sweat in my eyes!

I used it this morning during spin, and not only did I get TWO different compliments on it, it also worked. Worth the $14.

Breakfast. That I finally ate at 11:00am. If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I actually wake up at 5am. So why the late start on breakfast?

5:00am wakeup
5:15 Hit snooze for the 4th time.
5:20 Make coffee
5:30 Walk Dog
5:40 Get dressed
5:45 leave
6:15 drop James off at PT
6:30 Sit in Chilies parking lot and read
7:00 Become the official "first" customer of the NEW Chili's on Fort Hood. 
7:05 After having photo taken, drink 3 cups of coffee while reading and killing time,
8:00 Spin class at Abram's Gym
9:00 Women's Crossfit at Wellness Center
10:00 talk with other wives, stretch, complain about how sore our asses will be for the next 2 months thanks to 400 m walking lunges
10:30 on the road back home
10:45 @home, walking dog
11:00 sitting down, eating breakfast, FINALLY.

Happy, sleepy dog. :) 

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  1. where'd u get the headband and what's it called?