Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chasing Lions Half-Marathon Recap

Blogger decided to leave the crack and hookers behind and is finally functioning at full-capacity again. Good thing, I was about to get all cray-cray and call up Charlie Sheen to get my Blogger back.

But it's all good, while it was down I caught up on a lot of important things I had to do, like sun bathe:

IMG 5892

IMG 5893

IMG 5894

With my favorite person, the Mister.

IMG 5896

IMG 5895

And of course, make and eat food:

IMG 5889

Post-marathon eats, Fage and bran balls

IMG 5806

Homemade pizza, crust and all!

IMG 5801

I know you want more of where that came from ...

IMG 5797

So, guess who has two thumbs and decided on Wednesday to run a Half-Marathon on Saturday? Only because it was awesome and a long-ish distance and because I PR'ed and won 1st in my age group will I recap it. Recaps in the blog world tend to be really stinking boring. I just scroll through them and look for the silly photos.

So, here you go, happy reader, photos. ;)

IMG 5863

Bright and bleary eyed at 5 stinking AM on a Saturday morning.

IMG 5858

The goods all packed and ready to go, because if I didn't set them out the night before, Good Lord, I'd show up to the starting line underwear on my head and bowling shoes on my feet.

IMG 5862

I took a few foods with me. I didn't have any pockets in these new shorts ....

IMG 5842

So I held the Goo in my hand until about Mile 9, when I ate it and prayed it would give me wings.

I was also running in new shoes. I broke the cardinal rule of running: don't run in shoes you've never run in before.

IMG 5815

But my old Mizuno's are shot to the ground, I didn't think these could be THAT bad.

They did alright. I won't race a long distance in them again, they're better for shorter races as they don't have a lot of support, and they gave me a weird blister on my baby right toe. I think it's because I bought them in a half a size too small. Genius, I know. Seriously, I was toying with the Gods running in shoes I hadn't worn for more than 5 minutes.

IMG 5823

They're the Livestrong Nike Lunarlite +2's. I got them for a ridiculous price at the PX. Love those sales, kids, love those sales.

IMG 5840

I also picked up this banging new satchel, because Indiana Jones has one.

IMG 5844

Fossil love.

IMG 5839

IMG 5836

Yeah, pretty much take bags to the grave with me.

Wait, wasn't I recapping a race here?

The race was put on my Scott and White Hospital in Temple at Lions Park.

IMG 5867

Which is only about 30 minutes from me and it was cheap to register, so ya know, even though I haven't run more than 7 miles in months, I thought, what the hell?

(You guys should all know by now though that I don't train like a traditional runner. I believe the less you run, the faster you become. But that's another post all together.)

IMG 5866

So, in my newborn shoes and my fancy schmancy new white running shorts, I took off the starting line at 7am. I didn't even have a play list set up, as the gun went off, I was still trying to select songs on my iPod ... Hopeless, hopeless I tell you.

It was a great, great day to be running! It was an out and back TIMES TWO kind of race, which was different. You run the course twice to complete the Half. There was some confusion with the 10k runners and which cones to turn around at, but I figured it out.

I walked through almost all of the water stations, sipped my water and at the last aid station, gatorade, and took off on my speedy little way. I don't carry hydration with me, and I think the people that run through aid stations are weird. They get more water on their face than they do in their mouth.

When I was running past a cow at mile 9 and noticed I was running 8:30 minute miles, I was a happy camper. Everything just seemed so right.

IMG 5871

I finished in 1:53 and some change. My fastest half time was last year, I ran it in 1:59. That PR feels good! I also took the first place medal for my age division, 20-24. This is the 3rd race in a row I've placed 1st. Not that it means much, the races here are all pretty small. But still, I love me some medal bling.

IMG 5877

I grabbed a massage, a potty break, and slipped on my new sandals before snapping a few photos. (Which is why the finishing timer up there says 2 something ...)

IMG 5868

IMG 5870

OMG, trees!

IMG 5869

IMG 5873

Then I was hauled off in this ...

Just kidding.

IMG 5874

And I played on the play structure and slid down the slide until the 5 year olds starting crying for their moms.

Not kidding.

IMG 5890

Sweet shirt. One more to add to my racing shirt quilt.

IMG 5878

IMG 5882

IMG 5883

IMG 5885

Endorphins make a kid kinda crazy.

IMG 5887

Please disregard.

IMG 5828

And more of my favorite food and favorite lady, as well as some foam rolling.

IMG 5843

IMG 5827

My feet have been killing me. I've been vegging out in these puppies.

IMG 5857

We went out to dinner where I ate my weight in bread rolls at Texas Roadhouse.

IMG 5854

Everything on my body is surprisingly sore. My abs, my shoulders, my hip flexors, my buttocks. Off to foam roll.

Did anyone else run any races this weekend? How'd ya do? If not, do you have a race coming up soon? How do you prepare for it?


  1. Congrats on your half marathon PR, with such little effort! Wow!

    I say a win is a win, no matter how big the race. So very neat to take first in your age group.

  2. Great job on your PR! I will take AG wins, even if it's a small race!
    Can't believe you raced in new stuff, you are brave!!

  3. wow you did wonderful! congrats!