Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 Miles & a Final

Workout: 7 mile run, 60 minutes

Good afternoon! It's a bright and freaking hot Tuesday, the temps are reaching almost 100 here at Fort Hood. Luckily, I got my running done early this morning when it will still cool, the sun wasn't even up. Our alarm went off at 5am, I snoozed until 5:15, and we were out the door by 5:45am. On post by 6:15 (yes, AM traffic getting on-post can is no joke), and I was out of the truck and running by 6:30, after kissing the hubs good bye for his own unit's PT.

I ran the III Corp track. From our parking spot to the track is 1 mile. The distance of the track is an anomaly, it's seriously changing distances on a whim. Sometimes, people swear it's 4 miles. Sometimes, it's 2. I think it's somewhere shy of 2. I ran it 3 times, and stopped RunKeeper right before I got back to the truck, and I'd completed 7 miles.

This track is worse than a pre-teen girl, pretty damn flat and skinny (two can run side by side), and boring, as it loops and ropes back around on itself, so you're running right past the skinny bit of track you just tackled. From a runner's point of view, I like to see a little distance covered, ya know?

I just finished a final for my Contemporary Computer Science Class, ahhhhh. 100 questions in 115 minutes. Wasn't easy. I scraped by in that class and earned a B. Math and Science are not my specialties. I have two more classes to conquer. My Stats class is scaring the shizz out of me. Ugh, math is not my subject and I have about 10 days to remember as much as I can before I walk the plank ... Pray for me, pray for me. And beat me in the butt the next time I decide to procrastinate like this, guh! I think I have my Small Business class in the bag. I should not jinx myself ...

Yesterday was a nice. The last day of our four-day weekend. I didn't do a damn thing physically except eat. And watch Army Wives. That did require blinking.

When I'd eaten all of the strawberries, I thought about moving onto my dog ...


Strawberry Banana oatmeal ... 

Chicken salad sandwich + spinach on whole wheat

Now, I'm off to read. Look what just came in the mail!

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  1. well if all you are gonna do is eat, pretty sure you couldn't have had more healthy picks! :) ps. love your blog header!