Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Pretty, But Pretty Great

Happy Saturday! Mmmmmm, weekends. :) Weekends mean sleeping in and slowly waking up with my soldier. No 5:00am alarm! Just kisses, cuddling & playing with the puppy in bed, that is, until our stomach's start growling ...

Nom, nom, nom, time!

Normally, breakfast is simple. A grapefruit & egg whites. Or oatmeal with nuts. Or bran with cinnamon. But, on the weekends, I like to get a little crazy. We had breakfast sausage, gluten free waffles topped with mangos and blueberries, eggs over easy, and my favorite - sweet potatoes cooked in a little coconut and olive oil. The photos don't look pretty, but damn, it was a pretty great breakfast for our tummies!

{egg whites + 1 piece of whole wheat toast + butter spray}

This is a typical weekday breakfast. So yeah, by the time the weekend rolls around, I'm ready to get my oink on.

Guess what was waiting for me on our doorstep when I came home yesterday?

A package from my auntie! :) She filled it with all kinds of goodies, including some of my favorite dark chocolate Dove candies! 

I love lazy weekends! But, not super lazy.
I'm going to go for another run + strength + run workout this afternoon.
Yesterday's 4-mile run in my Vibrams wiped me out. 
As much as I love barefoot running,
I am still easing into it.
Today will be a day for my trusty Mizunos!

But like I said, that's later this afternoon. 
Right now, it's just lazy bones times with my pup. :)

What are your plans this weekend?

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