Thursday, April 7, 2011

Midterms, done! & Urban Agriculture

Hello blog world! I have finally tackled my Small-Business midterm, and have the opportunity to update with a blog post. I still have been getting my sweat on, eating healthy meals, and staying sane between hours of studying, wine and walks with the dog. :)

It's seriously been 60 minutes on and 30 minutes off of studying for the last three-days, solid.

A little Flip Flop is the only thing that's been saving me from this monotony:

Snoore, snooore, snooooore.

I have 3 decks worth of flash cards. Please, feel free to ask be about 1244 stock, limited partnerships, S corporations, or any other elbow-dry subject you'd like. I know, you're just chomping at the bit. 

My dinner's have been light the last few days. Just not in the mood for lots of cooking, no time!

I love this new concoction! Baby spinach and fresh broccoli, sauteed with turkey bacon. The flavor was so obnoxiously good! Each slice only has 35 calories and 3 grams of fat. Not that I give a rats ass about fat - carbs and sugars are the only things I "mentally" add up and factor into my diet.

But we all know any good diet needs a little fitness! It's been short, easy workouts all week. I am finally planning a decent run + strength circuit tomorrow, now that things have relaxed and I don't have this huge test hanging over my head.

I've been waking at a high incline and reading my flash cards, doing sprint intervals, full-body circuit training with just my body weight, and just running at a little higher speed than usual (6.5-7.0 mph.) There is nothing that prepares me for the day like a good sweat session.

Love all of those race bibs behind me? ;) Pride & joy, pride and joy.

Best fuel after a great workout? A green monster! Spinach + protein + fruit + almond breeze. 

Today's shake consisted of peaches. :) Delightful! I've also been throwing a 1/4 c. of fresh oats in there, and the flavor is sublime! Hubs still makes a poop face when I ask him to try a little, but alas, my taste buds love it.

Green, gooby, heavenly monster!

Breakfast isn't always green though. :) It probably should be. 

I have found a new FAVORITE CEREAL! Plain, old BRAN. Post makes a great version that is cheap and has about 5 grams of sugar in a serving. I once was a die-hard Raisin Bran eater. Then I checked the labels. 24 grams of sugar in one serving! NUTS. Now, I throw some nuts, a few dried crans (I know, still sugar), and a little Stevia.

I'm trying to keep my sugar intake to 15 grams - not including two servings of real fruit.

These little Stevia packets serve up just the right amount. I use 1 in my coffee every morning, too.

This is something ELSE my husband and I have been discussing. We're nervous about how long the shut-down will last - we're military, so we're worried! He's angry. He's busting his butt every day to serve the needs of the military, yet they aren't able to pay him or his soldiers? We need to start trimming some spending fat, seriously.

Government, please take a cue from my fat-free breakfast. Grapefruit + stevia packet. Heaven. Light. But it DOES THE JOB.

Tomorrow is going to be a FANTASTIC gym session (I'm taking a que from Runner's World mag) and later, coffee with some incredible Army wives ....

Army wives that share the same love for chickens that I do. I am trying to convince my husband to let me have chickens. After some coaxing, he's agreed to let me go talk to the ladies at the leasing office. I'm crazy about urban agriculture. You can take the girl from the country, but you can't take the country from the girl!

+ Fresh Food from Small Spaces: A Square Inch Gardener's Year-Round Guide to Growing. 
+ You, You're Apartment & Your Chickens: Sustainable Farming at it's Best.
+ Urban Ag: Raising Chickens in NYC
+ Chicken Coops: Chicken Tractors, Coops on Wheels

The last link is what I'm really thinking about. This is what we have at home and house our chickens in. It's a moveable coop, that allows the chickens to access fresh forage and fertilize and mow all of the the lawn! :)

This example is my favorite. It's portable - see the tires?

One day, I dream of a coop like this. Sigh.

I love this red barn color, too. <3 I'd also love to have pygmy goats, more dogs, and a horse. My husband has no idea why I want these things. He didn't grow up on a farm and doesn't appreciate sustainable living, but slowly, I will convert him! I imagine sewing my own clothes, curtains, and canning foods, and cooking and taking care of farm animals all day, and getting my exercise in by running around our property, lugging bails of hay, carting buckets of water, and riding my horse. :)

Do you have any animal loves? Pets you wish you could have? Space restrictions? Dreams of living outside the city?


  1. CLUCK

    Liberated Urban Chickens! Do it!

  2. Loving this post!!! I am definatly trying your broccoli, baby spinach and turkey bacon dish!

  3. It's really great :) I like the Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon :)

  4. Go you! Studying always pays off :)
    And I love that broccoli recipe!