Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday!

It isn't a joyous occasion unless we do a little running beforehand, eh?

IMG 5458

IMG 5459

IMG 5456

What can I say, I like to creep in the dark sometimes.

I threw my apron on whilst tying up my running shoes, and cooked up these baaaad babies:

IMG 5431

Orange nutmeg cinnamon rolls!

IMG 5434

Naughty, naughty, naughty! So I knocked out a 3 mile run and some strength training, and came back, blessed the Lord for my taste buds and the ability to burn off my gastronomical sins, and gobbled them up with my husband.

I did eat real food, too.

IMG 5440

Egg whites + feta + 1/2 avocado + tobasco + chili spices

I also tried out this awesome new drink, called FRS.

IMG 5442

It's supposed to be an energy type of drink, but it taste amazing, and most energy drinks taste like butt.

IMG 5443

It's non-carbonated and full of really great, natural stuff! Quercetin is the main energy-boosting ingredient. It does have some caffience, only equal to about 1/2 of a cup of coffee. Over all, Army Wife approved.

IMG 5445

Then, after a shower, I sat down to tackle the copious amounts of homework and studying I have to conquer in the next 12 days before graduation!

IMG 5402

IMG 5401

Dum deee dum deee dum deeee dum - 7 hours later .... I finally close my books! I re-created breakfast for dinner (terribly depressing, I know!)

IMG 5403

Look who I found peeking out from our bed? :) IMG 5409

And keeping an eye on his toy ...

IMG 5406

IMG 5408

And keeping an eye on dad, eating Hot Pockets ...

IMG 5410 Nom, nom, nom.

Speaking of the devil, guess who made me an amazing fresh toast breakfast yesterday? Oh yeah, my soldier!

IMG 5391

That's spray butter, calorie free, and sugar-free syrup. Yes, I was bloated as a blimp after eating this. :)

IMG 5388

But it was so dang delicious!

I have some old photos on my drive I want to share, too, since it's Easter and I'm feeling so loving and all.

IMG 5359

Good eats = eggs over easy peasy on artisan breads.

IMG 5365

IMG 5355

Post-workout photos. Joy.

IMG 5350

Awesome salads from Free Birds. With, yes, that's right ...

IMG 5351

No beans!

IMG 5334

And some serious sidewalk art going on, a la water bottle.

IMG 5333

My mom always said not to play with my food, errr, water.

IMG 5323

More? Yikes, camera whore.

IMG 5322

The other button, dumb dumb.

IMG 5256And some Kings of Leon love! Night, night. Guess who has Monday off? That's right ... Muehehe.

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