Monday, April 4, 2011

BBQ & Goaties

Baaa, baa, Baaa!

What's up, bloggies? I'm blogging mobile, so if it looks a little funky, apologies. :) Hubs and I wrapped up our awesome weekend with a little Texas style BBQ!

That's Big Hoss BBQ at the Settlement. I was so excited to check this place out, as it's won a boatload of local awards over the last few years.

I was sadly not super impressed. They're only open Fri-Sun, so I'm wondering if we kind of got the left-overs ... It was a slow Sunday evening. Nothing tasted fresh, everything seemed right from the can, and my pulled pork was drier than my Grammies elbows. It had a cool vibe inside, very Western inspired, just missing a banjo and some cowboy boots.

I was in LOVE with the location! It felt like the farm I was raised on, goats and all! It was so nice to be out in some fresh air and around some farm animals.

Feeding the goats. They were so sweet and curious. I was explaining to the Hubs about the different breeds, their 4 stomachs, the way they play King of the Mountain. I used to show goats in 4-H. I was one of those country girls, running around in Wranglers and Justin's at the country fair growing up. :)

Smooches, smooches?

I'm happy we checked it out, but I am sad that it wasn't the BBQ heaven I thought it would be. Waa, waaa, waaaaa. I'm sure there are plenty more hole in the wall BBQ joints to hit up though, this is Texas.

Are y'all ready for Monday? I'm loving the start to a new week and it's a new month! I love new beginnings. Ready to get my sweat on after a lazy, relaxing, pulled pork filled Sunday :)

Until tomorrow,
Army Wife

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  1. mmm pulled pork...
    okay now you made me have a craving for it! :P

    if you like Peanut butter and or adorable puppies stop by my blog because I'm having a three jar PB and Co giveaway and puppy's first B day celebration! :)