Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Banana Custard Oats

Oh, isn't it?

This little housewife has been letting her creative juices flow in the kitchen alright.

Exhibit A:

Whole wheat gnocchi! It's a potato dumpling of sorts. I'd never made them before, but when I was meandering the aisles of H-E-B over the weekend, my runner's love of carbohydrates kicked in. Before I knew it, they were served up on the kitchen table, delicious and gooey and rollie-pollie like.

(I don't want to ruin the food mood by posting an actual photo of the rollie-pollie bug, but they really are almost too-similar looking for comfort. Trust me, or not.)

I cooked them according to the directions on the box, & while they were boiling away, I wilted some fresh spinach with garlic, onions, zucchini, and tomatoes in a little EVOO, and topped with my favorite lite marinara and feta cheese. So scrumptious. I love the earthy taste the fresh spinach gave to the whole dish. I'm not sure the hubs digs "earth" flavors as much as I though, so more sauce for him next time.

Breakfast on Monday: an english-muffin for the mister.

Toasted whole-wheat english muffins, spread with Laughing Cow and one over-easy egg sandwiched happily in the middle.

Ahhh, oozy!

This morning before spin and taking the dear husband to work, I made us some decadent Banana Custard Oats on the stovetop. Thank you, Holly at The Healthy Everythingtarian, for sharing them!

They're oats made on the stovetop, with a whole egg whipped in. It doesn't change the flavor or even the consistency really, but adds all the heathy fats and proteins I need to power-punch my day in the face.

I added raisins, pecans, whipped banana, and then added a little prune juice. 

Yeah, prune juice. The meds from the surgery are still slowing down my bowel movements to a glacial pace, so I'm taking a note from Grandma. No, I didn't put prune juice in the mister's bowl.

After a hellacious spin class x 2, I slapped spinach between a whole wheat 100-cal bagel thin, with some turkey pastrami and mustard. I was starving. No time for anything fancy. When the urge to eat my arm had subsided somewhat, I continued on to eat a Fage snack pack and a chocolate pudding snack pack. Damage complete.

These legs were kicking serious pedal today.

If you're at Fort Hood and looking for an awesome spin class, the classes at Abrams lead by Jose are incredible! Watch out for the noon classes lead by Milly, cuz she'll whip your ass into serious gear, too.

Dinner was whole wheat pasta topped with BBQ'ed broccoli and carrots! Super tasty and so easy.

I think I'm off to eat another pudding snack pack and cuddle with my boys!

If you had a full-ride scholarship to either become a certified personal trainer or a certified licensed massage therapist, which would you choose? Why?

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