Sunday, March 27, 2011

I won! I won! I won!

I'd super glue this thing to the top of my head if I could, winning 1st place in yesterday's 10k might be one of the biggest highlights of my life! (That either makes me really sad or really awesome.) Perspective people, perspective.

Get a look at that golden chicken! That represents numba one, baby!

There I am, numero 30 overall, but yes, I emphasize, numba one in my age-group, 20-24. 

Let's break down the numbers. A 10k is 6.2 miles (I think ours was more like 6.5, but still.) I finished with a time of 53:52 and some mili-second change. I'm happy with a sub 9-minute average mile, 8:41 to be exact. I wasn't training for this race, I just like racing. Better than sitting at home rotting away in front of the TV or chasing my own tail on the treadmill. I'm trying to remember the last time I actually ran before this event, to be honest. Looking it up, I see it was the 15th of March, when I ran barefoot for 4 miles around Three Lions Park (a great day).

Then, I had my wisdom teeth pulled and missed my Baylor Half Marathon. I haven't been doing much except sitting around nursing pain meds, eating ice cream and doing the random and occasional body-weight circuit at the gym. All good fun, I tell you.

I made a New Years Resolution to race at least 10 of the Cen-Tex Series Races this year. Here's a list of all of the races, and if you're in the Central Texas area (I'll probably be at most of these events), hit a girl up!

Here's a break-down of my race-day preparations. 

Always lay it all out the night before. I'm talking everythang. And put it on your body so you don't forget it. I have the attention span of a pea, so if I don't do this, I know I'll run around like a lunatic come morning.

Get in the racing mood.
I read running mags, inspiring books, and pop in my favorite running movie, Without Limits, while getting everything together.

Get some carbs in your body. 
No need to get crazy, this was a little race, but I did have some oatmeal blueberry crisp for dessert.

Get morning coffee/breakfast ready.
I go all the way as to measure out my coffee into my press, so all I have to do is stumble out of bed turn on my tea kettle, and pour the hot water over it. I even set out my oatmeal, so all I have to do is pour water over it and pop it in the microwave. 

Set out your clothes.
This is crucial. This is not the day to wear something you've never run in before or to differ from your running routine. I wear my favorite stuff. A trusty pair or nike shorts and a super-breathable tee shirt made by Under Armor. Lay out socks, shoes, and sports bra too.

Get your tools together.
I'm always running around looking for my watch or my heart rate monitor. I can't see to keep the together. Lay them out and put them on first thing. Don't forget little things like getting your Glide on, too. It's hot and you'll sweat a lot in Texas.

Set two alarms. 
I make my husband set his and I set mine. I've slept through alarms, or for some reason I've set alarms that go off at the wrong time - and missing a race for this stupid reason sucks big time.

I even have a spare second or two to feed the dog, take professional looking self-photos and time to use the Ladies Room. This is crucial for me. I am not a porta-potty #2 fan, and I always make sure I go #2 before a race. Having that urge in the middle of running, and I'm sure you can relate, is uber uncomfortable. I always make time for this little ritual. And please, TURN THE LIGHTS ON IN THE BATHROOM, so that you don't accidentally take Tylenol PM to ease your wisdom teeth pain. I don't think taking medicine that makes you sleepy is what you want to be doing at 6am on race day. Just saying. I speak from experience.

Lastly, make sure you know where you're going. Get our your directions. I had my destination already set in my Gogle Maps app on my iPhone the night before, so when I got into the truck, all I had to do was touch "Begin."

The last thing you need on race day mornings is stress. It's a good day to have fun and reap the benefits of your rocking body and all of that time you spend not training! Running is a mental game, don't dust up your thoughts with "Oh, shit, did I forget something!" or "Did I miss my turn!?" 

This race was a lot of fun for me. I like small-town races, and I think there were less than 100 runners, so it had a real homey kind of feeling. Everyone knew each other and the peeps seemed like good peeps. I met a few ladies who asked me to join their Tri mentorship program, as I've been tossing around the idea of learning to swim, buying a bike, and making a go at the whole Triathlon thing. I also met a few ladies who said they'd be at the next Centex race, and that they were going to try to keep up with me this time. (I'm still trying to figure out when the hell I became the girl you wanted to pace with. It's all unreal, this whole running, racing, fitness thing and how far I've come.)

No joke, Chick-fil-A helped sponsor the race. Only in Texas.

They were offering BUTTERED BISCUITS to all the racers. I passed, and took my two bananas and a bottle of water. 

Overall, I just loved being back in the running game. I've missed it so, so much. This race reminded me a lot of one I ran in Oregon. Kind of made me homesick, but then I realized, that being a runner is being a part of a brotherhood and sisterhood, and that we have family members all over the country.

I loved this old guy. I really loved his shirt. :) As always, I had to watch out for the mamma's with their baby strollers. I don't know if they have little jet-engines they install in those strollers, or what, but they HAUL SERIOUS BUTT. I tried to pace a woman for a few miles, but she took off in the front of the pack and I didn't see her again until I came huffing and puffing across the finish line, where I saw her wiping away a single bead of sweat and putting her SUPERWOMAN back in the bag. 

The husband took me out to an awesome post-race breakfast at Cracker Barrel where I ate my weight in whole-grain and granola pancakes. It was a lazy rest of the day for the most part. ;) We watched Skyline while eating this (super delicious, if I must say) Stuffed Crust Spinach and Sausage pizza.

I stuffed the crust with mozzarella and added basil and garlic to the dough before baking. So tasty.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to walk my furbaby and listen to some Dr. Laura. Contemplating some exercise and perhaps watching my husband play some foosball this afternoon.

Have you placed or medaled in any of your races?

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