Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catsup, Ketchup, Catch up!

The beginning of a new school term and hectic hours at the gym kept me from my blog! Gasp, so sad.

Let's play a little game of catch-up, mainly because I want to get these photos off my card reader.  Guess who had a birthday celebration on the 11th! My dear husband!

Since he's not a huge fan of birthday's, I kept it sweet and simple. I really wanted to embarrass him, but maybe next year. ;) Last year, I got us tickets to Citizen Cope at the Showbox, and we stayed the night at the Moore Hotel in Seattle. Incredible. Sigh.

This year, it was a little more low key. I made cupcakes for him to take to work to share with his soldiers. I didn't plan on frosting them this way, I didn't realize until they were all done that the tops looked like little dookies. Oopsies.

I promise the chocolate frosting was delicious to taste. The cupcakes were a white cake with semi sweet chocolate chips, topped with a light whipped cream cheese frosting, the chocolate dookie frosting, and even more chocolate sprinkles.

I was super excited and feeling all Martha Stewart with his cake - I'd bought a jumbo-sized cup cake form. I made white cake, and colored the top portion with red dye. Since he's a huge fan of the Red Devils, I wanted to make him a soccer ball cake. 

 but then this happened:

Right? Could't believe it!

So, I piled it up into a bowl with a dollop of pecan ice cream, stuck a candle in it and sang happy birthday. :) It was a birthday float of sorts. So, soccer ball cake?

soccer ball cake2.JPG.jpg

 I guess next year!

We hit up the arcade at Cinergy Cinemas, had some fun in the photo booth, saw a few movies and shared a bucket of beers. Rango was one of the funniest kids movies I have seen in a long time. Loved Johnny Depp and all of the Fear and Loathing references!!

 It was a pretty fun night. :) 

Over the last few days, it's been hoppin' in the Moore kitchen. A few of my favorites:

 Pizza! This nights topping was everything under the sun, but the spotlight was on the spicy black beans (soaked in Tobasco) and the lime shrimp, sauteed in garlic and lime juice.

 I thought a spicy mango salsa would complement better than a traditional marinara, and kept the mozzarella cheese nice and light for us lactose-fobes. 

 If you follow the recipe on the back of this pizza crust (I just substitute with whole wheat) it's super easy and doesn't require any time to rise!

In the fitness world, I've been barefoot running:

Spinning like it's no one's business:

(Maybe not looking quite that sexy, but disco lights and everything!)

 Eating and cooking as cleanly as possible (birthday's not included):

Having my ass handed to me in soccer:

Though sadly, don't think I'll be able to run my half marathon at Baylor this weekend. I have to go in for emergency surgery to have my wisdom teeth pulled TOMORROW, one of them in particular is causing me terrrrrrible pain: I'm down to chewing soft foods, icing the side of my jaw, and poppin' bills at a faster rate than Lilo.

I go in for surgery tomorrow. 
I'm seriously terrified!

Googling "impacted widsom teeth surgery" and reading what people had to say abut their terrible experiences was not smart. I just called the oral surgeon's office, and thank goodness, the front desk lady was very reassuring. I'm making a stop tonight at the store for Fage, frozen yogurt and some tasty wheat rolls. I'm not allowed to eat or drink 12 hours prior to the surgery, and only soft foods afterwards. 
Cheers to pain medication! I will really miss St. Patrick's Day and my Baylor Marathon. I know there will always be other races, and no training is ever wasted. Praying for a quick and speedy recovery! Please, feel free to drink a green beer in my honor.
xox, Courtney

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