Saturday, February 19, 2011

When hearts break ...

Thank you Army Training Holiday's and Presidents Day! We have a four day weekend, hooah!

The point of this blog - to keep me accountable and on top of my fitness - is alive and well, so meander on over to the My Fitness page if you're interested. In other news though, I'll keep this post short on words and heavy on eye candy.

For Valentine's Day on Monday, I made cupcakes for the hubs to take into work. I had so much fun making these cupcakes. Dark chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I also made sugar cookies cut into hearts that I wanted to frost. After the top of a heart crumbled off of the cookie, I saw something else ... when hearts break, we want booty!

Before work, I also made a special breakfast for my Valentine. :)

While I was baking away, the puppy was guarding the home front. 

This is where he sits when he's waiting for someone to come home. (In this instance, Dad.)

James loves to order cheesecake for dessert whenever we're out, so as part of my Valentine's day treat, I baked him his own personal cake. This was an oreo crust, cream cheese with raspberry swirl on top. 

My dashing Knight surprised me with the most uhhhmazing bouquet of roses upon his arrival home. I've never been much for red roses, so these knocked my socks off. An orangey pink like my favorite, the Tiger Lily. He came bearing more that just the roses though, I got the royal treatment with balloons, cards, chocolates and of course, he wined and dined me and surprised me with tickets to Kings of Leon in April! 

A few shots of dinner over the last few nights. Elliot thinks he's helping out in the kitchen by agreeing the food looks and smells delicious. :) These were dipped in egg whites, shaken with a little seasoning and baked in the oven.

Breakfast at our house on the weekends is always a festivous occasion. 

It's coming down to the wire with school. I'm taking Sociology this 8-week term which ends March 4th. I have a few big tests coming up and then the new term starts March 7th! I'll be taking a computer science class (a dull yet necessary requirement for graduation) stats and small business management. 

Graduation is coming up in May and I'm really excited for what lies beyond the horizon!

2 more days left of this great weekend! Who is sleeping in tomorrow?

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