Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am Courtney Moore! (I love being Mrs. Moore.)
I want world peace. Kidding. I want a glass of wine. Well and of course, world peace.
I have just 3.25 classes to finish before graduation in May!
I wish that it wouldn't get so stinking hot here in the summer, which chains me to the treadmill.
I hate Elliot's white fur all over my black clothes.
I fear bees. That buzzing sound scares the hell out of me.
I hear Dr. Laura, playing on my iPhone. She is the epitome of woman and I love her.
I search for ways to be a faster and stronger athlete.
I wonder if I'm lactose intolerant. Seriously. What is UP with my stomach these days?
I regret eating those tortilla's from Rosa's tonight. I ate about 3,346 too many.
I love the direction my life is headed!
I ache from my workout this morning and from a too-full tummy. (Thanks, Rosa's.)
I always twirl my hair. Nasty habit. If anyone has tips or tricks on how to stop this, send them my way!
I usually am running late. I'm working on it.
I am not comfortable in a bathing suit. Stretch marks and wobbly bits, you know.
I dance and sing while I'm out running. I can't help it. One confused and alarmed passerby asked if I needed help. I thanked him, assured him it wasn't an epileptic seizure, re-adjusted my earbuds and carried on screaming singing to Ke$ha and flailing my noodle arms. Damn that iPod.
I sing to my dog with the window's down.
I never want to say never. I could jinx myself.
I rarely eat what I should and eat too much of what I shouldn't. What, I need 100 grams of protein a day, not sugar?
I cry during those ASPCA rescue animal commercials. Even dog food commercials get a sniff from me.
I am not always patient. I work my ass off and demand so much out of life. It's exhausting and frustrating working so hard against the grain and natural course of things! No duh, right? I'm just a fighter, what can I say. But, I get what I want because I'm not afraid to work for it. 
I lose myself during my long runs. Moving meditation.
I am confused about the most effective way of losing weight. Crossfit? Running? No carb diet?
I need some design help with our apartment. Meshing boy and girl.
I should get all of my sugar-tooth obsessions out of my system by baking them for Bebee and sending them to him ASAP! (He's deployed to the sandbox right now.) It's the best of both worlds - baking, yet not being tempted to EAT them by having them sit around the house! I need more deployed-soldier friends, seriously. 

If you have any tastalicious recipes you'd like to share to support the cause, don't be shy!

Credit to My Life As a New Army Wife for the fill-in.

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  1. Just wondering if you are still joining the Army?