Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreadmill Sprint Intervals

I bounced outta bed this maƱana, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:10am. Sleeping in the last 4 days has been splendid for my body. 

Waking up to my husband's sweetness makes it a lot easier, too. If it weren't for his gentle encouragement to wake the hell up, I'd be snoozing my way through many morning gym sessions.

Preparations last night made waking up this morning super easy. I'm embarrassed to admit I don't ever do this in the morning and usually just run around like a crazy person and end up forgetting something. Instead, I laid out my gym clothes, had my gym bag packed, water bottle ready, even my coffee cup set out with creamer and sugar in it, just waiting for fresh-brewed coffee to be poured over it.

I present my bossy eco-friendly french press from Starbucks, a gift from my lovebug.

It took me maybe 10 minutes tops last night to set everything out, and made my morning a breeze. 

After dropping him off, I usually visit one of the gyms on post. Harvey Gym and the Functional Fitness Center are my favorites, because of their Crossfit equipment. Or, I also like to run on post. I never get tired of hearing soldiers running in cadence along Battalion, the road they close in the morning just for PT. Friday's are the best, as many units do whole Brigade runs, so they even have a guidon, too.

This morning I just wasn't feeling it anywhere on post, so I kissed my husband goodbye, and drove home-sweet-home to use our apartment gym. 

I am in no way self-concious of my body while working out. I let the sweat flow. I'm there to get work done, not worry about what anyone else is doing or thinking. But, soldier's forget they are men sometimes, and revert to being silly little boys. No one likes to be blatantly stared at. Plus, sharing equipment slows me down - and who likes being at the gym any longer than they have to be?

The apartment gym is my little oasis. :) 

Plus, I can bust out my camera without odd stares, joy. I wanted to share my newest running shorts, they're Nike Tempo shorts. I have never run in these style of shorts before and they're incredible. They're loose, which is why I never bought a style like this in the past - when I first started running, my legs were still too chubby and would try to eat my shorts: rubbing, bunching, chafing, lalala. Nastiness. All I could wear were the tights/leggings type of shorts/pants. Perhaps now there isn't quite so much friction because my legs are slimmer (or I have an alligator hide), so now, they're uber comfortable. 

Hello, lady runner legs! (This was after my 7-miler Sunday.)

So, on to this morning, in all of my photographic glory ....

(trying to be as cool as the decals on the walls)

Speed work was on the menu. This is an awesome workout, kind of HIIT inspired yet distance-oritented, too. I wanted to spank out 5 miles yet also work on my speed. (Because I'm running at a seriously glacial pace these days.)

Warm up - 5 minutes at 5.5 mph
Work - 30 minutes of 1 minute on, 1 minute off sprint intervals. Mine looked like this.

Minute 1: 6 mph
Minute 2: 8 mph
Minute 3: 6 mph
Minute 3: 9 mph
Minute 4: 6 mph
Minute 5: 10 mph

Repeat 6 times.

My "off" or "rest" was 6 mph, which isn't exactly easy. ;) I then went from 8, 9 to 10 mph for my sprints. The last two 10 mph sprints were touuuugh. 

I finished the 30 minutes with a distance of 4.2 miles. So, I just took it up to 7 mph and finished it up at an even 5 miles.

Total workout: 43 minutes
401 cals burned
Max HR: 189 bpm, 96%
Avg HR: 169 bpm, 86%

5 miles and some decent speed work. I'll call it a good morning.

I made a smoothie to die for when I got back to the casa.

1 cup water + 1 cup almond breeze + 2 tbsp peanut butta + 1 scoop double chocolate whey

nom, nom, nom. 

shower + stretching + dog walking
(and apparently I have noodle arms that can't support my camera?)

Enough procrastinating, it's off to finish some sadly neglected homework. 

Have a happy Tuesday :)

Matthew 11:28

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