Friday, February 25, 2011

Courtney in the Kitchen

I was a little nervous about expressing such brutal honesty in my last post, but I'm happy I did. Sometimes, we just have to have a little faith and trust and not worry about others judgement. Thanks for the positive feedback.

I did manage to get my butt into gear, thank goodness. I think James could feel my despair, because he came home during lunch as a surprise. :) I went back on post with him, so excited to get out of the house, my Mizuno's were practically pawing at the ground. 

This afternoon's workout was sun-filled and exceptionally endorphin inducing.

Concerned about my exhaustion on Wednesday, I did some research on exercising on an empty stomach, and everything I read equated the same result: you may have a higher amount of fat burning per calorie, but, exercisers became so much more fatigued, they worked out much less than those who weren't working out on an empty stomach/had just woken up. So, those people that did have a little bit of fuel in them (an apple, a banana or a piece of bread) performed much more efficiently, at a higher intensity, and for a longer period of time - therefore burning more calories!

P.S. I don't worry about my body "eating" my muscles, either, as that only happens during looonger duration exercise sessions. You'd have to work out for 2+ hours or burn about 1,800 calories first before your body started looking to your muscles for energy. Which is why I run the half-marathon distance! (the sub-2 hour run. :) Otherwise, I'm just burning stored fuel (glycogen) and body fat. Running and heavy weight lifting are an incredible way to stay in shape. And since I love running and I love throwing weights around, it's a fabulous mix for me and keeps the boredom at bay!


+2.5 mile run from Abrams to Functional Fitness Center (gym)
+various weight lifting/circuit training type stuff at the gym: walking lunges with weights, walking lunges with a leg raise, 1000m row, push presses, push ups, pull ups, weighted squats, side lunges, Bulgarian split squats, core work, etc. 
+3 mile run back (to the car, where I'd parked at Abrams gym.)

Happy about the run, I averaged an 8 minute mile or so, and finished the last 3 miles harder and stronger than the first 2 miles. 

1 hour, 19 minutes
712 calories burned
max hr: 183 bpm, 93%
avg hr: 164 bpm, 83%

[my lovely mug from the Life is Good store]

I start every the day with coffee (a must in the Moore house) and a drool-worthy breakfast. A few people have been messaging me, asking what I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, let's start with my favorite, and usually largest, meal of the day: breakfast.

egg poof + fage greek yogurt & toppings + coffee + vitamins/oils/minerals

I drink my coffee two ways: black with stevia, or with sugar-free powdered hazelnut creamer and stevia.

It's full of junk, yes, but everything in moderation. MEASURE your servings. Don't be a little glutton. I personally think powdered is easier because you can keep a measuring spoon in the container, whereas with the liquid, I always over-pour. The powdered option makes it much easier when other people (cough husband cough) want to be a sweet heart and make coffee for you. He can't over over pour if he knows just one already-provided scoop will do. (I think I gained 12 lbs. one week when he was making my coffee for me in the mornings. It tasted fantastic, but that's because it was 3 parts creamer and 1 part coffee. Liquid, never again.)

For the egg poof:

You will need to spray your favorite bowl with Pam spray. I usually use Olive Oil Pam, but ran out of it last night, and all I had was Pam for Grilling. This isn't rocket science. I think they're all the same thing and the Pam Marketing team is genius for putting them in different containers and calling them different things.

Then, shake your container of All Whites and pour your preferred amount in there. I did 1/3 cup. Or, crack a few eggs and toss the yolks. On days I'm feeling particularly saucy, I'll keep a yolk or two, they're full of seriously incredible nutrients and good fats. Now, pop it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. Flip it. Cook for another 1.5 minutes, if it's still a little too wet for you, try another 30 seconds, and so on. Then, top with your favorites. I use sea salt, pepper and tabasco.

This is my favorite right here though. :) I bounce back and forth between the 2% and the 0%. There is a slight difference in calories, but various ratios of carbohydrates/fats, too. The higher fat is thicker and creamier, and I am just a sucker for thick and creamy. ;)

If you've never had greek yogurt, I suggest you RUN, as fast as you can, to your nearest grocer and check out Fage. I have tried other greek yogurts, but nothing is as thick and delicious as Fage. To me, it's a perfect food. I use it in lieu of cottage cheese, as sour cream, sometimes in my baking, for dessert, etc. It's incredible.

Fage toppings this morning:

fresh raspberries
slivered almonds
dried cranberries
sugar free syrup (1/3 cup, warmed in microwave)

I eat it every day! From its high amount of protein and tiny amount of calories, to its incredible taste and flavor and texture, to its fast variety of uses ... I can't get enough: I go through 4 or 5 containers a week.

For vitamins/minerals/oils:

I take a multi-vitamin and multi mineral twice daily, as well as 2 fish oils 3x a day, and sometimes a chewable vegetable concentrate if I'm not eating as many leafy greens as I like. I also take St. John's wort and flax seed. I probably take more pills than your 86 year old grandma. 

Dinner was homemade pizza on the new pizza stone the lovebug brought home. :) I used the recipe on the back of my yeast packet for whole wheat pizza dough. I've used better recipes, so I won't share this particular one. But, this pizza was still mind blowing. I'm dragging my stomach behind me right now.

The toppings were heavenly! I just grabbed whatever I had on hand.

fresh broccoli
artichoke hearts
sun dried tomatoes
sliced cherry tomatoes
red bell pepper
sweet onion
chunks of garlic
feta cheese
shredded mozzarella
italian seasonings/sea salt/pepper

(My tip for a crustier crust: preheat your pizza stone in the oven for 15 minutes before preparing your pizza on it and throwing it in to bake.)

Ah, Friday night! Means nothing. I'll probably be asleep in an hour, thanks to the pizza-induced coma I am about to fall into. :) 23 going on 63.

Sweet dreams and happy eating,

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