Friday, October 1, 2010

A Week in Photos & Friday Fill-In

My, the week has flown by!

Training has continued.
I played on the C2 (Concept 2 Rower)
for the first time ever, and had a BLAST!
I've been incorporating it into my workouts over the last week
and loving it!

I attended the 2nd Annual Volunteer Fair
and learned so much about various organizations
that I can volunteer my time with.

I am now officially a part of the Fort Hood Army Volunteer Corps!
I am just looking for different avenues and organizations to work with.
The volunteer fair put me in touch with  few amazing people
and I learned about some great opportunities on and off post.
There are so many ways to help out,
I can't wait.
I am really excited to see how the next few months pan out.

I wouldn't have even known about the fair if I hadn't stopped at ACS earlier in the week.
ACS (Army Community Service) is an amazing resource. I went in there just to find out more about volunteer opportunities - they put together a whole NEW WIFE WELCOME packet together for me,
introduced me new people, shared a few of their stories, gave me their phone numbers,
"If I ever needed anything!"
and told me to come back anytime, with any kind of question, 
and they'd help me out.

Having resources like this is so helpful
when you're in a strange land surrounded by new people
living a totally different lifestyle than anything you've ever known.

It's been a roller coaster, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are some of the treats the women at ACS put together for me .... 

Contact numbers, Fort Hood information, other resources on post, TriCare info, general Army information regarding the Thrift Shop, the USO, the libraries, deployments, even a book helping to decode all of the many Army acronyms! There's a CD just for NEW SPOUSES!

Of course, spending all that time studying at the library,
also left me itching for new books to read.
I always check out so many and get into all of them at the same time. :)

A highlight of my week, was the release of FIFA 2011.

Not because I play it,
but because my husband has been anticipating 
this new game since we first met.

While he went to work for the day,
I ran 5 miles (2.5 there, 2.5 back) to get my workout in,
to GameStop, picked up the game
and ran my little butt home to set up my surprise.

He came home for lunch and there was the game, 
sitting on the bed with a little note. 
You should have seen his face - he was EXUBERANT. 
He kept saying, "I can't believe it!"

Giving to those we love is one of the most precious joys in life. :)
Just giving is the most rewarding feeling ...

Of course, you know the kitchen was hoppin' this week!

Baked apples, 
banana oatmeal cookies, 
berry crisps .... 

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In - check it out here!

1. What is the silliest get-up you have ever worn outside of a Halloween party? 
I was a mascot once, a black panther. The costume was disgusting and stinky. It was our 8th grade basketball game, and the guy that was supposed to do it, showed up sick. So, I set my cheerleading pom-poms down and zipped on the suit. 
2. What is something that you gave up in order to live the military lifestyle? My family is in another state, I sold my Jeep, and I had to leave behind and sell a lot of belongings. Sounds drastic? At times it's really hard, at other times, I embrace the new lightness and opportunity to buy new (or at least new-to-us) with my husband. 
3. If money wasn’t a factor and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? To the space station! It's an 11 million dollar trip! I'd also love to snowboard every mountain in the world. Yes, I'd be snowboarding for a long, long time. :)
4. If you were going to join the military, what branch would you join? Or which MOS/rating would you choose? (from And You Never Did Think)
Army or Air Force in Public Affairs. I'd love to do Broadcast journalism. If I was not married, I also would have chosen Civil Affairs or Psy Ops. 
5. What is your favorite thing to make for dinner? 
I just made my first big chicken and rice casserole, and it was a huge success, and kept me out of the kitchen for a few nights, the hubs was so happy eating left overs! I love making NEW recipes though.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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