Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Workout

This is my favorite thing. Behind chocolate. And maybe my husband.

The Concept II Rower, aka C2 aka the rower of bliss/death.

Bliss/death is like salty/sweet. Contrasting and delicious together.

These are walking lunges with a plate. I was using a 25 pounder today. Walk for 16 minutes or 400 meters. 

This is a treadmill. Or, when running long distance, known as the Dreadmill.
(do you know how hard it is to find a real photo of someone doing work on the treadmill? google images stanks.)

I did tabata protocol per Crossfit. That's probably a lot of foreign words to you. It means I set the incline all the way up (to 12) and set the speed to 7.5 MPH, and then sprinted for 20 seconds, and took a 10 second break, by jumping to the sides of the treadmill, then back to 20 seconds of sprinting, another 10 seconds of rest - for 8 rounds. Sounds easy. Try it. It's the hardest 4 minutes of your life.

Tabata is the worlds greatest fat burning workout. 

Here's info - click. 
It's 8 rounds of all-out-effort. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

You can tabata anything. 
Pullups, squats, pushups, rowing, etc.

I have just stuck to my treadmill.
I'm not that hardcore ... :)

These are GHD situps. (Glute hamstring developer situps) 

Also the shizz, one of the most hardcore abdominal exercises ever. First time I really did these I was sore for days.

Then, there was stretching.

That was today's workout. :)


  1. Tabata sounds hardcore! I used to read your old blog and stumbled upon this one :) I just wanted to say congrats on the marriage! You seem really happy!

  2. I would love to try crossfit one day. I'm glad I found your new blog. Keep the great posts coming & congrats on the marriage. You look so happy :)

    Have a great day, dear.