Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Miss Force Fitness

If you love what you do, 
you'll never work a day in your life.

It's so awesome how things happen when you're least expecting it.
I knew it was going to be a good day on Monday.
I woke up singing!
At 5 am none the less.

The exact lyrics?
The True Blood Theme Song,
"Bad Things" by Jace Everett.

I love it. It wakes me up feeling a little

I feel like I have a little secret. 
My smile turns into a little smirk ... 

I wanna do bad things to you ... 

Then, it happened to be a breezy 52 degrees outside. 
A wooooonderful day for a run!
I managed an amazing and exhilarating 9 miles.
I experienced a beautiful sunrise, crisp blue skies,
and happy feet the whole while.


I stepped into Abram's Gym afterwards,
where they have a wellness bar,
that serves little healthy breakfast-y items
 and makes bomb ass protein smoothies.

I always thought it'd be such a sweet little gig,
working there, socializing with the gym rats,
serving up healthy edibles ...

On Monday morning, I walked in right at the perfect moment.
I ordered my protein drink, (chocolate peanut butter)
and while sitting at the bar chatting with the employee,
a sweet little thing walked in and announced she was
"here for the 9 o clock interview."

Here I am, sweaty, stinky, 
looking like a Humvee just ran me over ...
(Hey, you go run 9 miles and come out looking like Miss America)
and what do I do?
"I would love to apply as well, can I snag an application?"

And right there, I swear, sweat dripping on my application.
I fill it out, watch the assistant manager walk in for the interview,
hand her my application, she skims over it,
and asks me to wait.

I sit. And suck on my smoothie. Lalalala.

She calls me over after a few interviews with other (clean smelling) girls,
and we sit down, 
and in less than 5 minutes,
she says she will be giving me a call in a few hours.

A few hours later, I'm drying my hair with a towel
after a hot, cleansing shower,

"ring, ring, ring"

You're hired. :)

I started this morning.
It'll be a sweet little gig.
I had no idea how socially deprived I have been!
It felt sooo good to joke around,
and meet new people,
and learn something new,
and make people laugh,
and have people say,
"I'll see you tomorrow!"

*cue Cheers theme song*

I'm so lame. Haha, I just had no idea how lonely I was.

it's the perfect job.
I wanted something on post.
Interacting with military personnel & family,
not in the mornings (I like to workout then)
but not evenings (I do like to see the hubs occasionally ;)
and I can bust out my textbooks,
my phone,

I have never, ever worked such a chill job before.

I love it. :)

Here's an article on the wellness bar.


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