Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lara, Kind, Wellness bars

So I just started working at a wellness bar.

I love wellness and bar coming together in the same sentence. Sadly, we don't serve vodka. Just protein shakes and the random bear claw Zone bar. One of which I tried for the first time, and wow, not tasty.

I love bars, I do. Even more I love peanut butter and chocolate. I thought the combo would be delightful. They even look pretty tasty .... yet are dry and kind of chalky.

I'll try to stay out of that zone from now on .... $2.00 later ...

So, the best bar I have tasted thus far?

The Kind Bars.

Surrrrrriously, so stankin' good! I love the chocolate sesame seed and cranberry almond.

I also (and who the heck doesn't) love LARA BARS!

I shouldn't have mentioned these two ... now my panties are all in a twist thinking about them. There is nothing like a Larabar or a Kind bar around these parts .... there seriously isn't a store around here that would stock something like that. Unless I wanted to drive to Austin. At this rate, I might. Or unless you wanted to mail me some. Just saying.

We have plenty of Walmarts, KFC's and Applebee's though!

As always, just keep smiling,

P.S.  You know what I should do? Just make my own damn bars.

My life. Cute, huh?

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