Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wear it with Pride

Happy Hump Day!

Just two more days until the weekend! LOVE IT! 
Even though all of my classes are online
(I love the flexibility) 
and self-paced 
(there are recommended due dates) 
I make sure I get my homework done before the weekend. 
(I try!)
 I'm going full-time this term and the classes are pretty writing-intensive. 
Dates to be memorized, group projects, discussion responses, etc. 
I love the subjects, but getting through the text 
can be a little monotonous. 


After a day of rest yesterday 
(I decided not to spin it out)
I was excited to hit the gym this morning!

This sassy little number may have helped, too.

Badass, right?!


I wanted to try the PT Spin class,
but it was pretty much crammed full of already
sweating soldiers. 

So rather than be disruptive,
I jumped on a treadmill in a cardio room 
and got to work.

I am following a training plan for my marathon, 
but not following it verbatim. 
Once a week I do one long run, one tempo run, and speed work.
The other days of the work can be spin, swimming, crossfit, more running, etc.

Long runs I save for the weekends,
everything else I do depending on the morning, how I'm feeling, etc.
I take one weekday off and one weekend day off.

Today = speed work.

5 minute warm-up of running at 6 mph,
then started with a treadmill incline tabata:
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
7.0 mph running, 12 incline

and went right into my 5 mile run -
right before the TV,
the treadmill next to me,
and then finally my own treadmill,
decided to die.
Good timing, eh?

James met me sweaty and satisfied after his own unit's PT,
(3x300 sprints)
We climbed into the red trucky-truck 
and headed back to the humble abode,
and finished up our morning with Ab Ripper X.

Hot damn!
That Tony Horton really got me this morning,
James encouraged me there towards the end with
"C'mon baby, get it!"
that breathed a little extra fire into my already
screaming core and hip-flexors ...


Breakfast was a serving of those eggs (finally) for the mister.

in the egg scramble:
few slices turkey bacon
green bell pepper
white onion
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
spanish rice
sharp cheddar
maple links
strawberries topped with Oikos, honey
and pumpkin pie spice.

In the baking world,

I made cherry pecan crumb bars.
Delicious? Without a doubt. 

Recipe soon!

Back to homework.

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