Thursday, September 23, 2010

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time,
in a hot, humid land far, far away
there lived an adventurous Army wife, in love with life.

She dons her apron covered in apples and cherries,
and playing Mad Scientist,
whips up a heavenly crisp full of blueberries.

She sticks her nose deep into pages
of the stories about ultra-marathoners, wounded soldier's, 
and runner's of all ages.

She trains for twenty-six point two,
her morning's beginning
at 5:10am with her U.S. Army boo.

He heads off to PT, she heads off to run,
speed intervals, weight lifting,
just allllll kinds of fun.

She bakes and bakes and bakes.
In a chaotic world full of change,
of missing family and little heart aches,
in the kitchen she can escape and explore and exchange.

She can whip and flip and whir,
and toss and sift and stir,
and share and laugh and smile,
and eat chocolate chip cookies in style.

She studies Texas Government, World War II, 
Affirmative Action and the electoral process,
writing papers, wading through her thick text,
she is trying not to daydream in excess.

Pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose,
she studies until she knows, knows, knows.

Her husband brings her flowers,
kisses her cheeks,
and rubs her sore running feets.

She strip off his ACU's and slips off his boots,
they cuddle in bed
until he smells up the room with his toots.

He ruck's twelve miles and she runs thirteen,
they recover with spinach in their smoothies,
something he's never seen!

They make breakfast for each other,
and meet again for lunch,
Old Chicago is a favorite,
so much great food to munch!

It reminds them of home,
dark skies, rainy days, the west coast,
drinking brew they reminisce on how much they've grown.

He spends long days working
while she studies at the library until her brain is aching.
Finally home, they throw on their jammies,
and have glasses of wine while dinner is baking.

Homemade pizza, oh my!
So tasty, 
in our tummy,
 it's all going bye bye!

She isn't so great at prose,
why she is writing a poem,
no one really knows.

She misses her family and sends kisses and hugs,
Texas is alright, except for those huge bugs!