Sunday, September 26, 2010

It all started with the Rooster's Beak

Ahh, Sunday's.

By the time Friday rolls around, 
I'm dealing with some serious hubby withdrawals.

It's like losing sleep throughout the week.
You can't get 6 hours one night,
and hope to get 10 the next night,
to make up for 8 hours each night.

So after a week of "lack of sleep"
aka "lack of hubby time"
I'm kind of grumpy, sad, and at times, a little miserable.
Miserable that little Miss Independent me,
is such a love-sick puppy dog, still.

I'm absolutely besotted with my husband, what can I say?
He makes me laugh, he makes me smile,
he makes me think, he tells great stories,
he encourages me, and sometimes
he downright annoys the bejesus out of me.

But I love him.

I know I have a hard time showing it.

But, I'm learning to let in his love, to believe in it,
to allow myself to really love,
to believe too, that I can be loved unconditionally.

We grocery shopped and house shopped today ...

It's really nice buying things for us and for our home.
That feeling of being a part of something ....
It's new.
It absolutely terrifies me. 
I had to learn how to be self-sufficient,
take care of myself, not expect anything from anyone.
I'm afraid that at any moment,
 it's going to be ripped away from me, 
like my mom was, my dad was, 
my sister, aunt, uncle ...

Let your life experience dance in your heart. 
Have the courage to live without shielding your heart. 
It's much richer to feel than to shield.
 -Ana Forrest

I'm learning.

I have a beautiful, kind, and patient husband,
and he manages to see the potential here inside me. ;)

But enough sap for Sunday!

While eating a greasy, oil-laden lunch from Mongolian Wok
... he mentioned Pico.

Pico di Gallo.

And from there, well, it's history.

We threw a few extras in the cart at the Commissary,
tipped our bagger way too much for over-bagging everything
(seriously, did the dish soap, the bananas and the strawberries 
need to be DOUBLE BAGGED each in their own bag?)
and were on our way home to make fish tacos!

It's all about the rooster's beak:

diced roma tomatoes
red onion
minced garlic
lime juice
salt and peppa
cilantro (don't be shy)

and beer-battered tilapia:

and the white sauce:

greek yogurt
miracle whip
lime/lemon juice
green & red tabasco
cayenne, paprika, salt, pepper

and fresh corn & raw tortillas.

I wrapped mine in cabbage leaves
and they were suuuuper yummy.

Throw in a little shredded cabbage,
a squeeze of fresh lime juice,
a tap of green tabasco,
and a draw off a bottle of Sierra Nevada.


And this weekend is a wrap!

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  1. Why would you tip your bagger? AND, more importantly, why didn't you take your own reusable bags?