Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Hump Salmon

Happy Hump Day!

hump  (hmp) n.
1. A rounded mass or protuberance, such as the fleshy structure on the back of a camel or of some cattle.
2. A deformity of the back in humans caused by an abnormal convex curvature of the upper spine.

Or, just the middle of the week, marking the peak of the 5-day work week, now on the decline.  

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 
I can't wait for my 12-mile run!

I ran a 10 miler this past weekend, and it was incredible. I mean it sucked royally, but it was incredible. I haven't really ran in months, so jumping on the treadmill and running 10 miles was nothing short of a miracle. (I'd never run more than 3 on the dreadmill before) ... it was the longest distance I'd run since my half-marathon in May. Somehow, I managed to maintain a sub 11-minute mile and finished really strong. The first 3 miles were actually the hardest - I was running slower, trying to conserve energy .... so they took forever! The last 3 miles were a BREEZE, because I was running much, much faster. Just call me Usain Bolt, I know. Pffft.

Breakfast after a dandy of a workout was scrumptious this morning.

Like I said, mouth-wateringly scrumptious. I make a similar version for Dear Husband. He has no issue inhaling it.

My oatmeal is a glorious explosion of: 

1/2 cup instant oats
fresh strawberries
slivered almonds
Fage Total Greek 0% Yogurt


A new addition to my kitchen refridge has really helped keep me accountable.
I can be the laziest beast around if I am not incredibly careful. I mean, I have a marathon to run in less than 10 weeks, and still, I find preparing for it a chore.
Keeping my workouts on the fridge is a point of pride for me, therefore a great motivator. Also helps me when I'm wandering into the kitchy because I'm bored and looking to snack ...

How do you stay accountable? On top of writing down my workouts, I also wake up when the husband wakes up for PT. Yes, I wake up at 5am, grumble, stumble, and roll my way into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and stand in a stupor for a moment while I start my day.
I'm not sure why I seek this type of torture, but once I get going and after we sit through 20 minutes of traffic, aftering kissing him goodbye and leaving him at formation, and after I head into the gym, it all works out ... It's a chance for me to get out of the house, see other folks, watch the sunrise, and spend the morning with mu husband after we've both had a hot and heavy workout. There's something addicting about those things called endorphins ...

I spent the rest of the day hanging at the casa in various forms of pajamas, working on homework. Ahh, the beauty of online classes, make things like studying from the comfort of your own home so easy! Lounging in bed on a rainy day, sipping coffee, reading page after page of government and historical text ....

My mind felt ready to explode it was so full of dates, facts and fluff. It is at these moments I feel a jolt of creative energy helps me out of a studious stupor, so I whipped up some delicious dinner.

So just what have we here? Baked salmon, steamed veggies, and slices off the homemade garlic and cheese herb loaf I made last night.

The salmon was baked on tin foil in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes and left under the broiler for another 5. I marinated it in a combination of sodium-free soy sauce, ginger, italian seasonings and fresh lemon. I also popped the rinds right there on the salmon while baking, and squeezed the rest of the lemon onto the baked salmon as it came out of the oven. 

Into the tin foil, I also chopped some cherry tomatoes, fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. 

Some homemade bread and steamed veggies on the side?

Just don't call me Rachel Ray.

Another 5am morning is almost upon us, time to hit the hay and dream sweet dreams!

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