Monday, September 13, 2010

Giving these gams a rest!

This morning I bounced out of bed with a force
I didn't even know was possible.

Weekdays at the Casa de Moore's begins at 5:10 am.
five. ten. ay. em.
otherwise known as 
 too. damn. freaking. early.

Normally, I'm laying in bed until the last minute,
the snooze has just about been exhausted,
James is starting to make loud noises
to perhaps rouse me from bed
and remind me we're 
running out of time ....

I stand in a stupor at my french press,
grumble as I'm slipping on my workout clothes,
complain that he's hogging the bathroom,
you know, normal morning things.


Not this morning. 

I beat him out of bed,
took my grand old time in the bathroom.
had coffee for myself (and extra for him!)
and couldn't stop talking in the car ....
(much to the annoyance of a 
rather groggy husband, I'm sure.)


I wasn't sore in the slightest, 
even after a tough 12 miler yesterday.
I attribute all of this feel-goodiness to my incredible husband,
who helped me heat and rest my muscles all day yesterday,
not even allowing me to get up and make dinner
(he took care of it with a trip to Freebirds!),
and then rubbed my whole lower half down
with such admirable finesse and love,
I slipped into the sweetest, dreamiest sleep
I'd ever experienced.

No wonder I'm bounding out of bed like Bambi.

I still chose to take it easy on the gams this morning.
Just an easy circuit through Abram's gym, 
I stayed far, far away from any dread treadmills.

10 min - bike @ 5 resistance
10 min - stair climber @ level 12 (I climbed 65 floors!)
15 min - elliptical @ level 10 (used all arm strength)

I had fun listening to a few stories on 
and listened to sounds from the

I noticed a spin class happening
(hard to miss blasting music and screaming cheers!)
as I was leaving the gym,
and asked what was going on at the front desk.

I guess there is a new 
PT SPIN CLASS from 6:30-7:30!!!!

I don't know who the instructor is,
but if it's any of the good ones,
this class is seriously the BEST way to start the day!

I can't wait to get my butt on a spin bike tomorrow
and sweat. it. out!

Only one thing dampened my morning.
I saw coffee spilled on my textbook,
a textbook I was returning to the bookstore to have my $ refunded,
because I found a cheaper one on Ebay. ($100 cheaper!)

Looks like I'll be selling this one on Ebay now.

Once again, the husband was there to perk me up
and lured me into the shower with him.

What would I do without him?!

For breakfast, I wanted to make some eggs, I asked if he'd like some,
he said "No thanks, I'll stick with some granola."

So, he poured himself a bowl,
and I threw together my eggs.

"What, I thought you said you were having EGGS?!" 
he exclaims.

You'd think the hubs would know by now how I cook. ;)

He's chewing his bowl of granola incredulously,
as I'm serving up my plate of eggs ...

He finishes his bowl, sneaks over to my plate ....

"Babe, can we have this for dinner?"


Hope you're all having an awesome (and not a case of the) Monday!

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."
-John Gunther

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