Sunday, September 12, 2010

12-Miler and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Happy Sunday!

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week, the day of rest.
And that's exactly what I didn't do today.

As my sweet James climbed into bed 
after a 24-hour work day,
I climbed out.

While he slumbered,
I crept out the front door into the hot Texas sun,
jogged over to the apartment gym, 
and got to work on the treadmill.

12 miles and 2 hours later ...
my legs are torn up!

I have been hobbling around like a lame animal.
My steaming hot shower felt amazing ...
I just sat at the bottom of the basin 
and let the hot water pour over what felt like
a shattered body.

James came in and lit a candle for me and
dimmed the lights in the bathroom.
Sweetie wanted to make sure I was relaxing,
or at least not drowning. 


A combination of things made this run
more difficult than my 10-miler last Sunday.

I started out too fast, too quickly.
I need a slower and easier warm-up.
I didn't have any fuel with me.
Anything over 12 miles means 
100 calories of a fast-digesting fuel 
must be used to help maintain energy,
especially when I haven't carb-loaded at all
and am running first thing in the morning without 
breaking my fast.

Silly girl.

I also read last night that running on the treadmill 
won't prepare you for running outside.
Treadmill runners must account for 
wind-resistance that they'll face outside,
So, I set my incline at 2.

Over 12 miles, 
that little measly incline makes a 
huge difference.

Needless to say,
I just about cried when the display
finally turned to 12.0 miles.
My feet were pounding,
my calves were screaming,
and I really had to pee.

This is the second longest distance I've ever run,
other than my half-marathon.

I can really see the shape I was in,
as I managed to maintain 
sub-9 minute miles during my half,
and only walked just once through an aid station.

Today's run included a few walking breaks 
of about 30 seconds,
I won't be too anal about the walking breaks,
as I intend to walk through every 
water station during my marathon, anyways.

Just saying, I was in pretty decent running-shape
while training for and racing my half-marathon.


A guy in my History class is also
running the San Antonio Marathon,
and we're following nearly the same training plan.
I'm really interested to see how he's faring after his 12 miles,
misery loves company!

Misery also loves Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
with sauteed bananas drizzled with honey
and vanilla yogurt.


I pulled the easiest-peasiest recipe I could find! 
Making breakfast on Sunday's is a tradition
that will always be honored in the Moore house,
even when walking leaves me wincing. :)

Giada to the rescue!
She's one of my favorite Food Network ladies,
who doesn't love that rack smile?

Her recipe was my inspiration, though I changed it up a bit.
This makes 3 large pancakes.

1 c. Krusteaz Buttermilk pancake mix
1/2 c. ricotta cheese
dash of vanilla
dash of lemon extract
fresh lemon juice
fresh lemon zest
dash of nutmeg

blend with water until thick yet lumpy consistency is met, 
about 1/2-1 cup of water.

These pancakes were so damn yummy.
Good for aching legs.


Speaking of aching legs,
I have a heating pack moving around,
from my feet, to my knees, to my calves.
Currently, it's resting on my hip-flexors.

Can we say

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