Sunday, August 15, 2010

H-E-B, Freebirds!

There's nothing quite like grocery shopping on a Sunday (coupons in the Killeen Daily Herald, anyone?) or on a Thursday after work (payday for everyone banking with USAA) or Friday (payday for everyone else) because everyone and their mom needs groceries! I think James spent more time dodging women who couldn't see over their carts than he did dodging bullets overseas. 

I miss 2am shopping at Winco. The lines were nil, the store was always empty, and the shelves are well-stocked. It was like a playground of shelves piled 30 stories high, crammed full of shiny labels just begging to jump into my basket. No one bumping into me with their mountain of a cart or cursing at me in a language I don't know because I stepped in their way as they were balancing 12 gallons of milk for their 12 small children. 

Alas, I'm married now. And big kids adults shop during the day and on the weekends with their husbands. Teamwork! And they also buy a lot more food! Holy hell. I remember a time when I lived lived on cereal, milk and bananas. Maybe, if I was lucky, a bagged salad or a bunch of carrots if I was feeling the need to "diet." Things like pedicures, new purses and enough Patron to get me through the weekend took precedence over my desolate and barren pantry. 

Ah, the days of being a broke, single, college student.

 James and I are working out the kinks of this whole 
grocery shopping thing.

You know, making the shopping list, cutting the coupons, following the sales, stocking up on what we don't have, remembering what we do have, planning meals for us to eat through the week, etc. This is our official second time doing a "real" grocery shopping trip together. We even have last weeks list and this weeks list, along with our reciepts, saved for "later." Like, when we're 100 years old, we'll take some sweet little joy in looking back over our first shopping list. Or at least reminiscing about how "we could buy a carton of milk for only $3! Those were the days!"
We usually shop at the commissary on post, a place I am beginning to totally adore. From the crazy old ladies who help bag our groceries, to the sweet one trying to sell me the paper at the door,
to the soldiers wandering around looking lost with the random carton of milk and a case of beer in their hands, there's just something - homey - about the place.

I even have re-usabe shopping bags from our commissary.

Yes, I love my commissary.

Though, I may have cheated on her a little today. 

We went to H-E-B.
 What is H-E-B for all of you non-Texans? It's like some kind of half-sister/second cousin twice removed to Winco and Costco. Cheap stuff, and they have clothes, electronics and a cafe/restaurant serving American and Chinese food.  I think meats are better at the commissary, but the produce here was pretty fabulous! I also think they're pretty damn reasonable. They have CRAZY coupons. One, was Buy a package of batteries and get a FREE gallon of milk. H-E-B is famous for these Buy This get This Free coupons. Now, if it just wasn't for that ickle-little annoyance of SALES TAX, H-E-B might be my new little love affair.

I really hate the sales tax. Coming from one of the last states in the country without one (Oregon), sales tax just irk me.

But, before we went to H-E-B (and yes, you must pronounce each letter, like AICH-EE-BEE) (Annoying, James and I still just say Heb, like Hub with an e),
we ate lunch at FreeBirds!

This is the shit of all shit regarding burritos!

Chipotle can go sit in the corner, now.
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This place is so badass. Everything from the menu to the folks working there to the beer to the badass decor, seriously, love that place. When I checked out my iPhone and saw they had free Wi-Fi, I may have, for just a moment, slipped into a little daydream of me attempting to study here while eating a small burrito the size of a child and downing a ShockTop. 

Like I said, a small daydream.

The big mantra at this place is Peace, Love, Burritos. (Badass, right?)
Which lead to James asking the philosophical question, "Why did the Peace Sign come to be?" 
Which lead to me, of course, whipping out my handy-dandy iPhone (thanks, Blues Clues) and Wiki-ing that shizz right there.

Nothing like philosophizing over the history of the Peace Sign while digesting a baby-sized burrito and a beer.


And The Day in Photos (for all of you non-readers who just jump to the photos. Yes, you.)

We think there is something AWESOME about having a full fridge and a full pantry! We went from meager and starving students to this:

That's a fridge fulla nutrients, yo!
I get giddy just looking at all of the culinary-concoctions waiting to be thought up for me inside this fridge!   

And, of course, THE PANTRY.

But oh, shoot! Not enough shelf-space there. Let's use some extra cupboard space for all of my baking goodies.

Fage Total Greek Yogurt = LOVE.

Moms and other military wives are probably laughing right now. I remember my aunt's fridge at home and her many pantries ... and well, this is like a dust particle in comparison. But, for two newlyweds just jumping on the cooking and baking bandwagon? This is super exciting!

What is also super duper exciting for two newlyweds?

Our own washer and dryer!

James picked these up Friday night, set them up Saturday, 
and I have been using them ALL day today. 


Do you like my little clothes-drying station? All of my delicates must be air-dryed. :)
It was also fun "officially" doing the husband's laundry today. I know I may regret saying this in the future, but for now, I really had a little fun folding his socks and hanging up his shirts. In the washer currently?

A huge, heaping pike of ACU's! Normally, James is pretty frugal and re-wears his uniforms throughout the workweek. Last week though, he finished up Army Combatives, and he was sweating a LOT more than he would during a usual day. :)

On a sad note, here is a photo of a certain fishes home.

This was the home of Sylvester Stallone. The Beta fighting fish James bought me last night that was dead .... this morning.

Apparently, the only kind of animal I should own is that of the stuffed variety. 

I have no idea what I did wrong. I think it had something to do with the hardness of the water here, so I will continue to research and make sure my little Stallone did not die in vain. 


Tomorrow begins day one of 
Marathon Training. 
If I haven't passed out at the thought of it, I'll post more on that tomorrow. To all of my friends and family reading, I miss and love you all, very much. :)


  1. I love the old bag ladies!

  2. Aren't they a little bunch of cuties?! Oh, those fanny-packs!

  3. i probably know why your fish died. My husband killed my beta too! So you have to let the water your going to fill his bowl with for like 8 hours to let more oxygen settle in the water and for it to be at room temp. If the water is to cold they freeze and if theirs not enough oxygen in the water they cant breathe and suffocate.