Saturday, August 14, 2010

The First Official Post & Hotter than Hades 5k

Finally, the first post is up! Welcome, welcome to my blog! I am a new Army Wife. That statement itself deserves a medal. I am finding out what a tough and crazy job it is that military wives play, and everyday my strength, patience and respect grows for military wives, military families and of course, the soldiers we married.

I knew I wanted to start a blog following the first year of our marriage (what a huge life change!) Yet, as time went on, I realized how badly I needed some sort of outlet to connect with other women who were going through the same stuff - all of the craziness that is the (insert your military branch here) ______. In my case, it is the Army. It is no piece of cake. Which is sad, as I really like cake. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to! But I love it, and seriously, I wouldn't have it ANY other way. I never imagined or dreamed that my future and my marriage would entail supporting a solider, yet, now I feel like it was destined to happen this way. I knew that I had a more important role to play than just "wife," and that was the be the proudest, most supportive, understanding, bleeding red, white and blue Army wife I could be! HOORAH! 

Okedokie, off my soapbox now. 

I'm Courtney. I was just a simple, 22 year old girl next door, living in beautiful Oregon, working and attending school, when I met James. 

Mmmm, he is so DEVILISHLY HANDSOME. Geeze, just this photo gives me butterflies. Yes, I know, he looks like Jason Stathom. ;) Yes, I know, you're jealous.

Well, life has been a whirlwind ever since. James happening into my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. Everyday I am reminded of what an incredibly lucky and loved lady I am ... It was like we were made for each other. I know, I know, we've all heard this story before, but James was everything I had ever wanted in a man, and then some. Talk about a Prince Charming storming in on a white horse to sweep you off your feet! There was nothing traditional about our meeting, our dating experience, or even our marriage! As much as I can't wait to get into the story of how we met and how our relationship transpired - that is another blog post. As much as I love reliving the stories, there are bigger and way more badass stories happening in the present moment.

So, let's get up to date!

This morning,
I raced my first race since moving to Texas!
I officially moved here in the middle of July, so I haven't been here long. I moved from Oregon, and James PCS'ed from Fort Carson, Colorado back in March. Texas has been a new and huge change for the both of us. There are ups and downs to Fort Hood. One of these ups are the races on post!

The race was great. It's called the Hotter than Hades 5k, put on by Fort Hood MWR. All races on post are free, so if you're interested, check it out and sign up online for the next one! On September 11, they're hosting a Sprint Tri. I, of course, want to sign up for it. But, I just have a few things to take care of first, like learning how to swim and getting my hands on a road bike. Minor details, minor details.

It was great to socialize with some other runners, as I don't know a soul out here! I was bummed and a little frustrated that my age group was so large, 18-28. On the website and traditionally in races, the age group is 20-24. I wouldn't have minded the 18-28 group, I figured they just didn't have a lot of money for a lot of medals. But, this was not the case. Kids got all the medals. Not only just for age groups, but for both boys and girls! If your kid was running today, there was an incredibly high chance they scored a big fat medal. That's Family, Morale and Welfare for you though. I can't complain too much, the kids were GLOWING with pride every time they ran up for recognition. No mind some weren't even big enough to run it, they were being pushed in a stroller. I wouldn't have minded if they'd kept the normal age brackets for everyone else, too, but either they ran out of funding or they just have no idea that big kids adults like shiny medals, too.

I love prepping for races. Even though this was just a little 5k, I always get excited and a little nervous. I checked my phone a few times in the middle of the night, thinking my alarm hadn't gone off because surely it was later than 6:30am .... no, it was 1:15am. I swear, I'm worse than a little kid on Christmas.

I lay out all of my clothes, running shoes, heart rate monitor, watch, undies, socks, bra, etc. I make sure my water bottle is full and in the fridge, that I have a change of clothes in my gym bag for after the race, chapstick, a sweat towel, extra hair ties, bobby pins, etc. 

I usually don't eat before a race, maybe a 1/2 banana or granola bar. This morning, with my coffee, I had a cookie from the batch I'd made last night.

These are double chocolate chip cinnamon pecan cookies, made with whole wheat flour. 
They're TO DIE FOR.
I made them for the hubs last night. I think he liked them, as there are 3 left of a batch of two dozen. 

After the Awards Ceremony (where everyone and their kid received a medal except me), I grabbed a banana and headed home for a real breakfast.

Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt with strawberries, cinnamon and a little honey, alongside a 3 egg white scramble with pork and onions. The wrap I made for the hubs. That poor thing would be living on Peanut Butter and Jelly if he was left alone for too long. 

 And here's the rest of the week in photos:

I made cookies for a fellow SGT of DH's that did us a few huge favors!

I did a lot of Yoga this week. I also spent some serious time on the dreadmill doing the craziest hill intervals. (More on that one later.)

I love motivating and inspiring magazines. Runner's World and Yoga Journal happen to be two of my favorites. While on the treadmill yesterday, I took my Runner's World with me and found an ad for the San Antonio Marathon. 

Then I signed up for it.

I, too, am contemplating my sanity at this moment. I haven't run much since my half-marathon the end of May. How I'm going to master 26.2 in less than 12 weeks (the race is November 14) is a little daunting. I'm just in it to have fun and to say I did it!
I am pretty sure this race will be the culmination of my long distance running. From there, I want to switch to short, fast distances and triathlons/duathlons. 

If you're on Fort Hood or in the surrounding area and you're interested in running a Marathon November 14, I suggest you sign up for the Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon! And let me know if you do, we can train together and such. :) Always nice to have a running buddy.

I'm taking James to get his first pedicure today (Shhh, he doesn't know!) I figure it would be great R&R for my toesies after the race today. :]

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