Monday, November 23, 2015

DIY Errythang

Exciting things on the homefront!

We are getting the carpet installed upstairs in the next few weeks. You know you're an adult when carpet installation gets you excited like Friday nights used to. 

I was accepted to Penn State.

I'm hoping to start in the spring. When I left to go overseas in 2013, I was in the middle of my junior year at Texas A&M. While I have my Associate's, I have always had every intention of finishing my Bachelor's. Amazing opportunities kept presenting themselves though (in working overseas and then as an affiliate owner in Connecticut when I came home), so school was put on the back burner. 

Now that I'm settling down and establishing some roots again, my education is my priority. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a prestigious college. 

I'll still be able to do what I love as a full-time student. Blog, train, coach CrossFit, and work remotely with nutrition clients and athletes. 

Renovating the house has definitely become a priority. I've been working on a lot of furniture pieces, refinishing and painting them. My latest endeavor was re-painting this hutch that Travis's great-grandpa built. It houses some of his favorite Army memorabilia. 

I just finished two night stands, a desk and have a dresser waiting for me out in the garage ... 

Travis also slaved to finish our back patio last week. Literally, he worked until almost midnight one evening, for fear the rain would ruin it if the stones weren't laid. 

We broke it in just right. :)

I am currently obsessed with all things high waisted. Lululemon, you've ruined me. 

And I darkened my hair. I know I am so back and forth about blonde and brunette. But I think I found a color that I really like. It enhances my skin tone, instead of making me feel pale and washed out. 

I used this color with a 20 developer. I started with my roots, and then foiled about half of my head, leaving a lot of my blonde for highlights. Does anyone else color their hair at home? I absolutely hate sitting in a salon chair for as long as it takes (4+ hours with my long hair). 

Training is going well! I recently hit some PR's on the strength front. 200 pound clean, 195 power clean, and a 155lb snatch. My shoulder is feeling 90% better, with just some niggling pain during toes to bar. But now my elbow is giving me grief again. It's an on and off again kind of pain. Sometimes a 2 on the pain scale, and times like last night, a 10. I couldn't get comfortable to save my life; I can't extend it or close it all the way without a lot of pain. I had the Compex on it for over an hour, and I have started icing it this morning. I'll modify my training for the next few days to hope it heals. 

Is it possible to have Golfer's AND Tennis elbow? Pain on the inside and outside of the elbow?

I wish I could find a good Chiro in my area that offers Graston and ART. I will do my own soft tissue work and compression along with ice and rest. 

I'm off to the gym. 

Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday Nutrition Coaching

I'm really excited to offer something a little different than my typical month-to-month nutrition coaching. This is a 5-week program, dedicated to helping client survive the Holidays without gaining weight - and actually losing some. The Holidays are so stressful. Having someone in your corner to encourage you to make good decisions and stay accountable really is the key to success. 

I'm here to help! Comment below or email me if you're interested in signing up. It starts Monday! I only have a few spots. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Snap, Snap

I am having so much fun behind the lens of my new camera! I recently added a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8  lens to my collection, and it's made action shots a lot of fun and it's much easier to move around with. It doesn't hurt that the awesome members of CrossFit Gamma don't mind me popping in and taking photos during class!

I swear, with every photo I take, I learn something new. 

Photography is not for the faint of heart. But it's all worth it when you see the shots turn out!

Photographing CrossFit is definitely my favorite. I think being a coach and an athlete myself makes waiting for the right shot much more natural. 

And generally, everyone is happy to have their photo taken!

To me, it's all about capturing the right positions ... I don't think just any photographer could walk into a CrossFit gym and know what to look for ... 

CrossFit gainz.

I'm headed into the gym now to see if I can snag some shots during the Golden Hour. Can you believe it's 3:30 and it's already sunset?! Oh, winter. Pfffft. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Little Things

As I was perusing the blog-o-sphere tonight, I realized that I need to get a lot better about posting.

So, feeling motivated, I grabbed my iPhone and opened my Notes app, and started making a list. I love lists. I was brainstorming blog posts and prompt ideas. Somewhere after "5 Foods I Can't Live Without" and "What to Look for in a CrossFit Gym," I realized ... I don't always need a prompt to write. 

This is my blog. This is my life. While I don't do anything especially noteworthy on the daily, it doesn't mean I can't write about the everyday happenings in my little small-town world. If I'm always waiting for something "big" to write about, there won't ever be much to write about. Because life isn't about the big things - it's an accumulation of the little things. And happiness is being content with those little things. Like lazy Saturday mornings. What I trained today in the gym. A hilarious Tabata video I watched of Klovov. And sitting up in a tree stand this evening with my love. 

It's Saturday night and I have big plans. Like catching up on the latest episode of Nashville and hanging out with the Compex on my elbow. 

Because the little things are enough. They are so enough.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's in my Fridge

Because sometimes I like to put on human clothes and act like a lady, Future Husband and I had a date night last night. Dinner at Trøegs Brewery and a movie, The Intern. 

Because their beer is just so delicious, and because I want to #drinkallthebeer, I drank their seasonal sampler and neatly ate housed the Lamb Burger.

It was delicious. Obviously. 

Go see this movie! If you loved the Devil Wears Prada and Meet the Parents, you will love this. I felt so good leaving the theatre. It could be that I was full of lamb burger and beer and holding the hand of my beloved, but alas.

Today I was busy with - you'll never guess - more painting, and a quick mid-week grocery stop.

Want to peak into my fridge? I find it very revealing. 

On an average day, you'll see a little more food prepped in here. But for once, it wasn't lined with plastic containers and actually looked clean. Almost nice enough to photograph. 

On the top shelf: Tribe Hummus, Chobani for Travis (the new pumpkin flavor looks awesome), So Delicious creamer, egg beaters and egg whites, water. 

In the top drawer: Deer Sticks (made by Trav), and sliced lactose-free swiss cheese from Country View.

Pumpkin Bagels (Travis), Mission Corn Tortillas, Barlean's Omega Swirl fish oil, more coffee creamer, green grapes, jug of water for Travis.

In the bac in the blue tupperware are Bacon Ends and Pieces from Trader Joes, in the front tupperwares is chopped up ham for the dogs (in big and little pieces for one small mouth and one large mouth ;), Simply 100 Chobani yogurt for me, and a container of prepped brown rice.

Bottom shelf: Eggs from Trav's dad, chicken thighs for later this week, and chicken breasts marinating above it. In the back: jars of pickles, garlic, homemade salsa, and of course lots of VitaCoco.

In the crisper drawer: sweet potatoes, a cooked spaghetti squash, lemon, and assorted dark chocolates for my ravage sweet tooth.

Kale, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, random pepper.

Almond milk for Travis, Almond Breeze for me. Beer. Duh.

And of course, all the random condiments. 

Please note a few of my favorites: Sriracha Mayo and of course, Sriracha. 

1. What's in your fridge?
2. Last movie you saw?
3. Favorite beer?