Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's in my Fridge

Because sometimes I like to put on human clothes and act like a lady, Future Husband and I had a date night last night. Dinner at Trøegs Brewery and a movie, The Intern. 

Because their beer is just so delicious, and because I want to #drinkallthebeer, I drank their seasonal sampler and neatly ate housed the Lamb Burger.

It was delicious. Obviously. 

Go see this movie! If you loved the Devil Wears Prada and Meet the Parents, you will love this. I felt so good leaving the theatre. It could be that I was full of lamb burger and beer and holding the hand of my beloved, but alas.

Today I was busy with - you'll never guess - more painting, and a quick mid-week grocery stop.

Want to peak into my fridge? I find it very revealing. 

On an average day, you'll see a little more food prepped in here. But for once, it wasn't lined with plastic containers and actually looked clean. Almost nice enough to photograph. 

On the top shelf: Tribe Hummus, Chobani for Travis (the new pumpkin flavor looks awesome), So Delicious creamer, egg beaters and egg whites, water. 

In the top drawer: Deer Sticks (made by Trav), and sliced lactose-free swiss cheese from Country View.

Pumpkin Bagels (Travis), Mission Corn Tortillas, Barlean's Omega Swirl fish oil, more coffee creamer, green grapes, jug of water for Travis.

In the bac in the blue tupperware are Bacon Ends and Pieces from Trader Joes, in the front tupperwares is chopped up ham for the dogs (in big and little pieces for one small mouth and one large mouth ;), Simply 100 Chobani yogurt for me, and a container of prepped brown rice.

Bottom shelf: Eggs from Trav's dad, chicken thighs for later this week, and chicken breasts marinating above it. In the back: jars of pickles, garlic, homemade salsa, and of course lots of VitaCoco.

In the crisper drawer: sweet potatoes, a cooked spaghetti squash, lemon, and assorted dark chocolates for my ravage sweet tooth.

Kale, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, random pepper.

Almond milk for Travis, Almond Breeze for me. Beer. Duh.

And of course, all the random condiments. 

Please note a few of my favorites: Sriracha Mayo and of course, Sriracha. 

1. What's in your fridge?
2. Last movie you saw?
3. Favorite beer?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dunce Cap

1. I sometimes wish I could change the name of my blog. Because you know, things change. I'm no longer as petite as I was when I started this thing (zero thigh gap) and I also don't only post recipes anymore (there are people with way better ones out there). So, I feel like there are just more suitable names now. Perhaps Squats and Tacos or Burritos and Barbells.  Please no one steal those, if I knew anything about anything, I'd figure out how to do that, or maybe will pay someone to do it for me one day.

He does squats.

2. Google banned me from AdSense for a month, and I honestly have no idea why. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? Not that I make any money from ads, but I feel like I'm sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on, and I don't even know what I did wrong.

3. Planning a wedding is fun. Until you actually have to start planning a wedding. The daydreaming part is fun. Like dreaming about what kind of wedding cake I want. And what my dress will look like. And the honeymoon. But then there's the headache of the price tag. And the guest list. I wanted a small wedding. But Travis has a huge family. His family is on the East Coast. Mine is on the West.

And now I literally have a headache, so I will avoid anything wedding for at least another two weeks.

We did get engagement photos done, because those ARE fun!

4. Our closet turned bathroom is almost complete. Just look at this! Travis brought these hooks home from a job site, we painted them and mounted them on this amazing piece of old barn wood he salvaged. These mason jars? Discovered in a basement of a 100 year old barn. I LOVE how it's all coming together. We have just two projects left: hanging shelves above the toilet and framing out the mirror.

5. I have another huge project I'm tackling right now: painting the upstairs. We are kind of on a time crunch, too, because we are getting new carpet installed in the next few weeks. The thing is - it's dark brown wood paneling. Ugh. Just ugh. This is just the primer. 

I was painting everything with a tiny brush to get into the small grooves of the paneling, and it was so painstaking. The red trim requires 3 to 4 coats of primer, and the walls are requiring 2 to 3. It's a BEACH. Thankfully, I posted a photo on Instagram, and I got a few responses from folks telling me to use a high nap lambs wool roller. I ran to Lowe's, desperate to try anything that would move this project along - and YES! It's been a life saver. 

I'm pretty sure I'll be picking white paint out of my hair for the next few months, but it's all worth it, in the end. One room almost done. Two more and a hallway to go. Woof.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Workouts 8/31-9/6

Monday 8/31
a) 50 GHD Sit Ups + 50 Hip and Back Extensions
b) Back Squat 5x3 at 80% (205)
c) Every 2 minute for 20 minutes: Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Clean (135)
d) 30 barbell rollouts

Tuesday 9/1
a) Bulgarian Split Squat, 3x5 each leg (95)
b) 4 rounds for time:
4 kettlebell overhead squats, 20kg
6 elevated push ups
8 weighted v-ups, 20lb medball
20 alternating lunge steps with kettlebell in the front rack, 20kg
300m run
Time: 17:00

Wednesday 9/2
a) 20 minutes to work up a 1RM clean (185)
b) EMOM 12:
Min 1: 5 burpees + 8 cleans (75)
Min 2: 12 backward lunge steps with barbell in the front rack (75)
Min 3: 4 burpee box jump overs + 6 chin-ups strict
c) 5 rounds for quality, not for time
10 burpees
10 push press (65)
6 chin-ups, strict
4 ring dips

Thursday 9/3
rest day

Friday 9/4
a) 10 minutes to practice handstand walking
b) 10 minutes to practice freestanding handstand pushups (11 unbroken)
c) EMOM 15: hang squat clean + jerk at 115lbs (very light, recovering from shoulder injury)
d) 5x5 barbell bent rows, 115#
e) 10 minutes to practice strict muscle ups, new PR!
f) Strict "Cindy"
20 minute AMRAP:
5 pullups + 10 push ups + 15 air squats
Score: 20 rounds

Saturday 9/5
a) 800m run warm up
b) Back Squat: 5 reps at 165, 3 reps at 190, 1 rep at 215
c) AMRAP 20:
1 wallball
1 burpee
2 wallball
2 burpee
3 wallball
3 burpee ...
20# wallball, 9ft target

Sunday 9/6
60 minute Spin class

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Workouts 8/24-8/30

Monday, August 24th 

I came off of a 6 day rest period (for my elbow, shoulder and ankles) ... and felt like total garbage.

A) Front Squat
5 attempts to work up to a heavy
95, 135, 145, 175, 195, 200, 215 (fail)

B) Back Squat - 10 sets (every 2 minutes)
Set 1: 60% x 5 reps, 155lb
Set 2: 75% x 3 reps, 190lb
Set 3: 85% x 1 rep, 215lb
Set 4: 3 reps at 200lb
Set 5: 3 reps at 200lb
Set 6: 90% x 2 reps (230) (failed 2nd rep)
Set 7: 195 x 4
Set 8: 190 x 5
Set 9: 190 x 5
Set 10: 190 x 5

C) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 sets) AFAP
10 cal Assault Bike
5 power clean, 125lb
5 front squats

Round 1: 1:46
Round 2: 1:39
Round 3: 1:46
Round 4: 144
Round 5: 1:39


A) EMOM 10: 1 deadlift + 1 power clean + 1 front squat
(First 5 rounds at 145lb, last 5 rounds at 155lb)

100m run
7 hang squat clean, 55lb
50 double unders
Rest 3 minutes
Score: 2 rounds + 30 DU

250m row
10 v-ups
15 box jumps, 20"
Rest 3 minutes
Score: 1 round + 10 box jumps

20 cal Assault Bike
20 Russian Swings, 20kg
Score: 1 round + 16 cals

Cool down: 1 mile run

Wednesday: Didn't get a chance to train after a ridiculously long doctors appointment and packing for camping

Thursday: Kayaking all day! My favorite kind of functional fitness.


A) Front Squat:
2 reps at 60% - 135
2 reps at 65% - 145
2 reps at 70% - 150
1 rep at 75% - 155
1 rep at 80% - 175
Rest 1 minute, then every 2 minutes for 10 minute (5 sets):
1 rep at 185
1 rep at 195
1 rep at 200
1 rep at 205
1 rep at 210

B) Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes (10 sets)
Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Clean at 80%, 155lb

C) 3 sets of 5 strict chest to bar chin-ups + 7 barbell bent rows at 105lb

Saturday: Rest day! Pretty freaking hungover from a friends Wedding on Friday night :P

Sunday: 4 mile run, 9:42 min/mile

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm Getting Old

I'm getting old. Like, I'm really getting old. 

So, to help my shoulder, the PT I've been working with suggested I just stay the heck out of the gym for about a week. I was starting to get all sorts of other weird pains in my elbow and ankles, because I was over-compensating for my shoulder.

I have the joints of a 60 year old. 

I didn't veg around on the couch for a week as much as I wanted to in a sad depression (not only was I injured, I had my 28th birthday last week), I walked, and worked on home renovation projects, and organized the attic, and played tennis with the dogs, and did some soft tissue work and hit a ROMWOD or two. I also really decided to clean up my diet and take my personal meal planning more seriously. 

So yay, yesterday was Monday. Time to get back into the gym .... for the first time in a week, my shoulder was 95% pain free. I modify everything still, but I incorporated a tiny bit of overhead stability work with light dumb bells and bands. Man, lemme tell yah, that crap is boring. But it's necessary. It's progress, more importantly. 

I felt like bambi. Nothing on my body wanted to work. I had to squat heavy - THAT WAS LAUGHABLE. I couldn't get past 90% on my back squat. And then I had to do a grueling EMOM at 80%. I literally thought I might be dying. 

I'm sore this morning. Not just my legs, but my entire core. My abs, my obliques. I didn't do a single sit up. I just squatted some heavy weights. That's real core work. 

One day closer to a healthy shoulder! Many more squats in my future.

I may not be able to use my shoulders, but luckily a lot of you still can! One of my clients got a massive PR on dips - no more bands!