Thursday, July 17, 2014


This could only mean one thing ...

 It's my day off!

And dang, does my body need it. Last week we re-tested my CrossFit Total, so far I've added 30 pounds to it! 10 pounds to my back squat (235), 10 pounds to my deadlift (285) and 10 pounds to my strict press (105). Since it was a test week, it was relatively light. My coach warned me not to get too comfortable though, because we'd be hitting it hard the remaining 6 weeks.

Guys, he wasn't kidding. I feel like I was eaten by a hippo, regurgitated, sat on by a bear, run over by a freight train, and then left out to turn into jerky by this blasphemous Kuwait desert heat.

Do you follow me on Instragram? @petiteathleat. Do it.

I've been posting all of my videos there. PROUD OF THOSE PR's, BABY. 
I'm slaving for them, literally. 

I've been getting a little bit of help grinding through everything with these bad boys ...

And these bad boys!

WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE? And more importantly, why didn't I have it during the 50's event at Regionals? I can only describe it as having HUGE lungs. My muscles failed me well before I felt out of breath. Talk about 3-2-1- GO all. day. long.

And then enter Spark.

You all know I don't take pre-workout. I recently tested drinking a quad-Americano a couple of times while working out, but I was getting so shaky and some serious cotton mouth, I don't think I could do it all the time. And no shit, Starbucks is an EXPENSIVE daily habit. 

I'd never given Advocare a real thought, mainly because I've never been a huge fan of supplements, and because well, it seemed kind of dorky. Then this culmination of things happened.

Rich Froning endorses it. Hello. (And no, he doesn't get paid to, either.)

 Lisa Bender Thiel (who INSPIRED me to try CrossFit way back in 2011, when I saw her competing at the South Central Regionals in Texas) wrote this blog post.

The final straw, when I tried the products. My friend Drew, a CrossFit coach and athlete, shared O2 Gold and Spark with me. And even though I was sore and tired and skeptical of the stuff, it honestly resulted in some of the strongest training I've had in a while. 

Now, my 27th birthday is coming up. And I want it to be really momentous (just wait until you see the party/WOD I have planned at the box :)

This has been the most INCREDIBLE and life changing year for me, and I want to finish it with a bang. I want to feel and look the strongest, leanest, healthiest I ever have. 

I was going to try another 30 Day Paleo Challenge (even though I fail miserably at them) to hopefully chisel in some of those abs I can only create using Instagram filters ... but then, another thought struck me.

I'm pumped. I have a friend that went through it recently, he's a CrossFitter and a solid athlete, and the guy chiseled out like whoa. But, even if there were no sexy results at the end, I would still do the Challenge for a few reasons:

The meal replacements shakes are almost a perfect 3 block meal. And they offer a lactose-free option. (Yay, happy skin!) If you guys haven't noticed, I have stopped posting a lot of meals and recipes, because I don't have time to cook anymore. Meal Prep has totally gone out the window. I skip meals a lot ... more often than I like to admit, and then resort to eating at the DFAC. Army food is NO BUENO, people. Or I result to eating a Quest bar with almond butter for dinner.

As someone who ate Zone almost religiously before moving to Kuwait, I know how much of a difference it makes in energy levels. So, while I plan on eating meals at home when I can, I'm really excited to have the shake to resort to, and hopefully no more 3 PM energy slump.

The first phase of it is a cleanse. Hopefully, I can cleanse out some of this Army DFAC food I've been eating and the copious amounts of Quest bars ... (It's totally normal to go through 2 boxes in 2 weeks, right?)

Of course, when I get excited about something ... everyone knows. I have a few friends at the box who are on board with me, too (they're going home in September and wanna look good for their ladies)!

So, I thought I would throw it out here to you, too. The more the merrier. If anyone wants to jump in with us: we're planning on hitting the ground running on Monday, July 28th. We ordered ours today so that it can reach us in Kuwait by then.

If you're interested, you can order here. If you have any questions, I'm all ears (errr, eyes?) Comment below or email:

I'm off to get my mane tamed before taking my 'BEFORE' pictures.

Let the good times roll!
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Friday, June 27, 2014

You Ask, I Answer

It's been a while since I've done one of these, so here goes. Either you've emailed these questions to me or asked on Instagram or Facebook. 

What products do you use on your hair?

First of all, my hair is naturally straight and fine, but, I have A LOT of it. By coloring it, it actually roughens up the cuticle, so it styles better. As a kid growing up, it was corn silk. It would slip out of a braid, wouldn't hold a curl, etc. 

These days, I wash it at night and let it air dry. I rarely use a blow dryer on my hair, which I think keeps it pretty healthy. When it's wet, I throw a few products on it. Because it's not freshly washed the next day, I also think it styles a lot better. I haven't needed to use any hair spray on my hair since moving to Kuwait and switching to showering at night, but I also live in the desert, where it's really dry. Humidity = hair killer. It might be dry, but it's windy as fck. How it survives the wind, I have no idea.

Right now I'm using this by John Frieda. It's alright. If anyone could recommend a better one, I'd appreciate it.

I swear by this stuff. Just a little goes on a long way. Gloss and shine and healthy looking ends.

Clairol Shimmer Lights. It's a purple shampoo that keeps the brassiness out of blonde hair.

 I need something really hydrating. Surprisingly, I love this 1-Minute Hydra-Recharge from Garnier Fructis. 

What products do you use on your skin?

I actually have really bad skin! The filters on IG save my life, hah.

 I am plagued by adult acne. I used to be on all kinds of medications for it, to no avail. I cut them out when I moved to Kuwait. When I moved to Kuwait, I also couldn't find my usual Fage Greek Yogurt that had become a staple in my diet. I decided to just cut dairy out then, since I'd always wondered if I was slightly allergic to it. And wow, my skin problems diminished by about 900%. Slightly allergic, you say? No shit. I still have the random pimple, but nothing like the deep, cystic-type acne I'd get on my jawline. When I eat ice cream or indulge in cheese, just give it 2 or 3 days, and I'll ALWAYS break out.

I also recently added Proactiv into my regime 3 months ago, and my skin has cleared up even more. I still have scars and dark spots, but as for new acne, it's much, much less.
 What makeup to you use? And do you work out in it?

Most of the time yes, I have makeup on. Is it full face make up? No. Did it used to be? Yes. Again, my skin is just REALLY bad, and I was always so self conscious of it. Now that it's cleared up and it's mainly just scars and dark spots, I'm a little more revealing. 

There are many days where I go into work with just a little mascara and shimmer blush on, and maybe a tiny dot of concealer on a spot or two. It feels SO good wearing less makeup. But it took almost 10 years for me to find that confidence. 

My one and only no-makeup selfie. 

As far as makeup that I use. I use almost all Bare Minerals. I really like the powder finish, its more natural looking than creams or liquids, and it just feels better on my skin.

Where is your bathing suit from?

 This bathing suit is old! I think I bought it 5 years ago at Nordstrom. The brand is Roxy.
I love your blue pants! Where are they from?

They're Lululemon Wunder Unders, of course! I'm a size 6. I'm 130 pounds and about 5'2, if you're thinking about ordering a pair. 

Do you take pre-workout?

No, I don't. I have a hard time having anything in my stomach when I'm training, and pre-workouts really give me a stomach ache. If I need a pick me up, I'll order myself a shot of espresso before training.

And that's all folks. To all my male readers, I know adored this post, you've been dying to hear what products I use in my hair.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Booty. More Biceps.

I love, love, love my body.

It is a direct representation of all of the hard work I have put in the last few years chasing performance, not physique. 

You won't see any women with my shape in a Cosmo magazine or a CoverGirl make up ad. You won't see girls with my kind of body in any television shows or cast as the "sexy female" role in any main stream movies. 

My body is not societies idea of beautiful. 

It's a good thing I give 2 fcks about society then, eh?

As much as I love my body, we experience highs and lows, just like any relationship. 

The highs are the comments I get on how strong I'm getting. The lows are the internet trolls telling me I take steroids and the comments from women, "I just want to tone, I don't want to get that big," as they're eyeballing me.

The highs are usually in the gym, when I'm hitting a PR. 

The lows are usually when I'm watching something on TV and I get wrapped up playing the comparison game, "Dang, she is skinny."

But then I remember what I'm packing ... 

The lows happen when I'm in a changing room trying to find a pair of jeans to fit over that derriere. 

The highs happen when I find a great pair of shoes to compliment those chicken legs.

The lows happen when my thighs have become so big, they rub together when I'm walking or running. Any loose fitting short or pant is the bane of my existence.

The highs occur when my midline is looking strong.
The lows happen when I just look like I have a belly when I have a shirt on.

(I've actually come to consider that a high though.)

Society tells me for some reason I need to be chasing this constant desire to become "smaller."

And to that I say no. I am an example that you don't have to give two shits about what the scale reads or what size jeans you wear. CrossFit has enabled me to break out of this mold that society tells me I'm supposed to live in. A world of smaller: smaller portions, smaller dress sizes, smaller weights.

"Lose 5 pounds in 5 days!"
"Lose that arm jiggle forever"
"Whittle Away Your Waist with these 9 great moves!"

I'm OVER it.

I am here to tell you that your self worth does NOT come from anyone else's opinion except your own. I am here to say BIGGER is better. More biceps. More booty. More performance. Let it jiggle. Make it rain. The number to care about is the one you're lifting. The PR you're chasing.

If people, your boyfriend, your best friend, can't handle the heat, tell them to get the fck out of the kitchen. 

You can keep your salad fork, society, I'll only be needing the steak knife.